Prynt iPhone Case- Print Snaps Instantly & Portably

Smartphone along with social media has increased our interest in photography. However we are missing the charm and beauty of those days when we have physical photos in our hands. Here is the option to enjoy and share that lost love in solid way with Prynt iPhone Case for iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7.


Prynt ensuring Portability & Quality:

To make your pictures real again Prynt is the ever first photo print case for iPhone. All that you are required to do is connect your iPhone to the case and get high quality HD prints for your favorite photos. The big thing for this devise is that it provides you an opportunity to print your photos instantly and absolutely anywhere. The images printed from Prynt iPhone Case is tearing resistant, long-lasting and do not get faded. Also you can choose your favorite color among millions of high resolution colors and the facility to double up the print as a sticker too.


How Prynt iPhone Case works?

The Prynt device is quite handy and easy to use. Just connect your iPhone with Prynt Case and take a snapshot from your phone, Prynt will print it for you. It will also save short video followed by the snap taken. Using Prynt app, you can watch the images taken as a video…amazing!

Prynt does not need any ink cartridges for printing but uses the ink-free technology to print the photos from your phone. Prynt uses ZINK paper that contains all that you require to have prints.

Distinguishing Features of Prynt iPhone Case:

  • Prynt is using ink-free technology so you don’t have to pay for cartridges’ messy
  • Ever first mobile phone printer
  • Prints your love for others instantly and effectively
  • Can convert the photo shots into a movie
  • Light weight and portable
  • Print your pics anytime, anywhere
  • Available in four different colors: Black, White, Pink, Blue


Are You gonna Buy it Now?

The Prynt iPhone Case is available, new as well as used, on amazon.

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