Privacy Protector Roller – Guard Your Private Information

The Guard Your ID Privacy Protector Roller is perfect for quickly covering large areas of confidential information. A great alternative to a shredder. This useful stamp is designed to cover up important information on envelopes and other forms to keep you safe from identity theft.

Privacy Protector roller Guard Your ID

The Guard Your ID Privacy Protector stamp is 1″ wide and is able to cover writing with a specially designed pattern, compounded pigment and oil-based ink that masks your name and address. Just run the stamp over your junk mail and other bills before throwing them away or recycling them to hide your personal information. It provides complete coverage of sensitive information, such as credit card statements and banking information. Ink refills are available for this identity theft protection tool. Guard Your ID Mini Roller 1″ Wide 160″:

  • This package contains one mini roller (2-1/4″ x 1″ x 1″H) that stamps a 0.6″ strip
  • Self-inking
  • Refills available (sold separately)
  • Self-inking stamp is imported


Simple and effective protection

Simply stamp on the printed information you want to conceal. The stamp pattern effectively masks the letters where applied, concealing and protecting that information form others. Stamping provides a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to using a paper shredder.
Privacy Protector roller_Guard Your ID

Unique Pattern

The unique pattern was developed for PLUS by Yusuke Yonetsu. Mr. Yonetsu spent more than a year testing various sets of characters from a variety of alphabets before arriving at the the currently used combination of English letters – some set askew. Patent pending.




  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Black


  • Unique pattern masks printed text of any length.
  • Helps keep others from seeing your private and confidential information.
  • Self-inking stamp cartridge.
  • Specially formulated, oil-based ink.
  • Perfect for bills, bank statements, junk mail and more.
  • Easily recycle stamped documents.
  • A great alternative to a shredder.
  • Stamp Width: 1 inch (25 mm)
  • Stamp Length: Approximately 160 feet (48 m)
  • Model # IS-500CM
  • Refills available here

Privacy Protector roller Guard Your ID

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