PowerClip –Multifunctional Portable Charger for Smartphone

PowerClip is a multi-functional portable device that may be attached to your wallet or key chain. It’s a portable charger for smartphone with 8 tremendous features. Except being portable charger this hi-tech and compact device has interesting features like data storage, key finder, activity tracker and much more.

Models for the PowerClip Portable Charger:

Two models for the PowerClip are available including

  • PowerClip Micro 
  • PowerClip PRO

The PowerClip Micro:

This multi-functional portable charger is embedded with a high-grade 500mAh Li-Polymer battery which is capable of giving your phone a 20 % extra charge during an emergency situation. The Micro model has an internal 4 GB memory which is enough to save about 1400 8MP photographs.

The revolutionary slide-out connector goes directly into your smartphone port, eliminating the need for carrying a charge lead while also protecting the connector.

PowerClip PRO & PRO32:

PowerClip PRO is embedded with a custom high-quality 1000mAh Li-Polymer battery which is able to provide our smartphone a 40% extra power juice when you need it the most. The internal memory of the PowerClip PRO is upto 8 GB whereas for PowerClip PRO32 it is enhanced upto 32 GB.

PRO or PRO32 models for PowerClip are suitable for those who need extra charging power and more space for data storage.

Functionality of the PowerClip Portable Charger:

1.      Emergency Phone Charger:

Simply slide out the connector and plug-in it to your phone, it’s quite easy and completes the action with simplicity. This prevents you from fuss and mess of wires.

2.      Multifunction Button:

This multi-functional button does different jobs.

  • With quick press it functions as the battery indicator showing the charging statistics i.e. how many percent the battery has been charged.
  • A double press of the multi-functional button glows a high power LED flashlight.
  • If you press and hold it, it will cause your mobile to ring or vibrate. So searching for a misplaced mobile at home is no more a problem.

3.      ThruCharge:

A micro USB input makes it possible to charge the PowerClip seamlessly. Just connect your phone to PowerClip and insert the power lead to the micro USB inlet. It will charge your phone first and once your phone’s charge is 100% the PowerClip will start charging.

4.      Activity Tracker:

The PowerClip is more than just a portable charger being an excellent activity tracker. You can monitor your daily physical activity and track your progress.

5.      Key Finder:

Use the PowerClip App to quickly locate the misplaced keys. Additionally, the accelerometer inside the PowerClip instantly sends a message to your smartphone via the app whenever you drop your keys

6.      Data Vault:

Store your data securely and access it by plugging-in or wirelessly via bluetooth. The biometric security lock keeps your data secure. You can save photos, audios, videos and other files in it as well as you can also share it wirelessly and securely.

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