Powerbreather Wave- Under Water Breathing Device for Swimmers

Powerbreather Wave is an under-water breathing device for swimmers and divers. Providing you a superhuman power it allows you to swim like a fish on the surface of water. It makes it possible to breathe under water during swimming without coming out for air. The Powerbreather Wave is designed using the latest technology that pulls the fresh air and removes the exhaled CO2 via two separated channels.


Why Powerbreather Wave?

The same job for which the “Powerbreather Wave” is designed can be done with a “snorkel”. A conventional snorkel works using a single pipe as air in-let as well as out-let. While the AMEO Fresh Air System in Powerbreather Wave makes it unique. Breathing in and out is done by two absolutely separated channels. Thus you get oxygen-rich breathing air without mixing up with exhaled CO2.

AMEO Fresh Air System:


Equally Fit for Swimming, Diving and Triathlon:

Powerbreather enables you to breathe freely under water as never before. This innovative sports gadget is exactly suitable for swimmers, deep water divers and triathletes as well. It does not matter that how far you go swimming it will continuously supply you fresh and dry air.

Incredible Secure Ventilation Technology:

The innovative ventilation technology you can breathe fearlessly even deep in water. Precisely developed diffusers prevent water from entering into the system. On the other hand the humidity of breathing air along with occasional water is ejected outside while breathing out. Some selected models of Powerbreather Wave allow you flip turns without allowing water getting inside the respirational ducts.


Sophisticated Design:

The sophisticated structure adjusts perfectly to your head giving you comfort feeling. The design is set in accordance with the natural head shape and is highly reliable.


Detailed Video:

Features in Detail:

AMEO Fresh Air System:

The innovative technology of two-way separation system for breathing in and out ensures fresh and oxygen rich air with free D tubes.

Speed Vent:

Quick and adjustable reaction time of valve allows you to change or adjust it in accordance with your training aim or application.

Twist Lock:

The twist lock at the back of head gives the comfort of adjusting according to the size of the swimmer’s head.


The D-shaped ends of the inlet tubes ensure comfort of wearing, and optimum inside air flow while minimum outside air flow.



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