Portable Solar Charger 30,000mAh Phone Power Bank

Whenever you go for an outdoor you have to, certainly, bring your phone or tab with you. The thing that you never want to lose is your phone’s battery charge. During a survival or a blackout you more intensely need a source to charge up your devices. Having a rechargeable power bank with you is a good but what if you forgot to recharge the power bank before you left? In all such situation situations you will find the portable solar charger your best companion.

Portable Solar Charger 30,000mAh Phone Power Bank

What is a portable solar charger/power bank?

Portable Solar charger is an energy storage unit which is charges by sunlight and is able to take it with anywhere. Such power sources help you when you are outside for camping, fishing, hunting where you are unable to find power sockets, but keeping your appliances charged is necessary. Li-battery portable solar charger/power bank

It is a 30,000 mAh Li-battery portable solar charger/power bank with dual USB port. The Levin is compatible with almost all smart electronic devices. The battery is capable to charge more than 1000 batteries during its life time. More features of the device are as following.

Features of portable solar charger:

  • The product is compact, light –weight and reliable.
  • Long cycle life with 1000+ recharging cycles during the battery’s life.
  • The device is shock-proof, metal-shell and anti-explosion .
  • Environmental friendly being solar power technology
  • Dual USB port allows charging two devices at a time.
  • Compatible with all smart devices like smartphone, tablet, MP4, MP3,digital camera, PDA etc.
  • Highly efficient in power conversion
  • LED’s at the bottom tell about charge status of the battery

Technical Specifications:

Portable Solar Charger 30,000mAh Phone Power Bank

Built-in 6000 mAh polymer Li-battery

1.5W mono-crystalline silicon solar panel

Input power: 5V-1A DC

Output power: 5V-2A DC

Battery capability: 30,000 mAh

Product weight: 220g

Size: 121 x 76 x 20 mm

Full Charge time: 20 hours via solar panel,   about 8 h
ours with power outlet

Demo video:

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