Portable AC Outlet Power Bank

Most mobile electronics can charge just fine from USB battery packs, any of which are smaller and has lower power backup. But a pack with a standard AC outlet is a more versatile power source if you frequently work away from a traditional desk, or if you have a laptop with unreliable battery life, a portable AC power pack lets you roam farther than just the one table near the outlet at your local coffee shop. If you’re in the car for hours on end with your family, a pack can keep toys and games charged so cranky kids (and adults) stay entertained. If you’re a frequent flier, you can plug in a laptop on a long flight without needing to pay a premium for a seat with an outlet—and without needing to carry single-use adapters. You need the AC power pack.

AC Power Outlet

The Portable Power Outlet is the first AC outlet you can take with you. Power small devices such as phones, laptops, lights, digital cameras and medical devices; itʼs the last battery pack you will ever need. With a 27,000mAh capacity, the possibilities are countless.

The Perfect Mix
The Portable Power Outlet is the perfect mix of power and portability. It bridges the gap between big, expensive power generators and unreliable, pocket-sized USB chargers. You can power your laptop, digital camera, curling iron and countless other devices without sacrificing portability.

Power Wherever You Go
You can charge almost anything you can think of. Whether itʼs your daily commute, vacation, or outdoor adventure, youʼll have the power to get through it.

Power Your Devices Anywhere
Whether itʼs work, adventure, or hobbies you can do them all knowing youʼll have the power you need when you need it most.

The Best Seat in the House
No need to stay around the only available outlet, or wait for one to be free-up. Bring your own outlet Power Bank and sit wherever you want.

While on Photo Shoots
Recharge your battery, Power your lights, and power all your gear with this Monster Power Bank wherever you are.

Product Specifications

Portable AC Outlet Power Bank Specs

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Power Bank Demo Video

Where to Buy

Price: $ 185

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