Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant

Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant measures tiny changes in water pressure — 240 times a second — to alert you the moment a leak is detected, mitigate costly damage through automatic shutoff, and diagnose potential plumbing problems before they become an issue. This single device, installed on your home’s main water line lets you manage your water throughout the entire home, even when you’re away.

  • Water leak detection + water monitor system that facilitates store cash on water usage and prevents frozen pipes.
  • Smart Home-enabled water sensor alarm detects drips and leaks, keeping your private home watertight.
  • Receive real-time indicators on the first signal of a possible problem with the free Phyn app for iOS and Android, making an allowance for automatic water shutoff from anywhere.
  • Requires professional set up to your house’s major water line.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Protect your own home from water damage

The maximum destructive leaks happen when you aren’t there to notice. Once Phyn Plus learns about your own home’s water use, it may turn off your water mechanically and the Phyn app will notify you and offer a direct line in your plumber. The Phyn app is free. No monthly fees.

Understand potential leaks

When Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant detects a potential leak it sends an alert in seconds with all of the info you need to assist diagnose the problem and fix together with your plumber. Phyn Plus additionally lets you turn off your water from anywhere.

One device. Whole-domestic protection

Many water monitors require you to locate a couple of sensors around the house in which you observed leaks are probably to occur. Phyn Plus is an unmarried device that protects your whole home’s water gadget from an unmarried location. Phyn Plus additionally connects in your present Wi-Fi so you don’t need to purchase a further hub.

Monitor your water usage

Get the statistics you want to make better choices about your water use. Spot usage tendencies and notice how much water your irrigation, showers, washing machine, sinks and more are using.

How Phyn works – fingerprinting your fixtures

When you run a bath, wash your hands, or water your lawn, the strain for your plumbing machine adjustments. Phyn measures those microscopic adjustments in water stress—240 times a second—to fingerprint the specific stress profile of every fixture in your property. So whilst you run a faucet, Phyn knows it’s a tap. And if that faucet leaks, Phyn helps you to know.

Phyn gets smarter as you go

Phyn is mounted with the reminiscence of hundreds of heaps of bathroom flushes, laundry loads, and pipe leaks from the real homes of beta testers, which serve as a baseline for while something’s ordinary or something’s wrong. From there, Phyn starts to learn the way water is uniquely used in your home, asking occasional questions to improve accuracy over time.

Your family’s water is secure with Phyn plus

Phyn Plus turned into designed in cooperation with Uponor, a provider of residential plumbing, and is manufactured with the aid of Badger Meters, a 110-year-vintage Milwaukee based water meter manufacturer. The device may be set up interior and outside and is made to resist the elements.

Make your smart home even smarter

Connect Phyn with Amazon Alexa and use voice commands to control your water. Ask “How great deal water have I used today?”, “How much water have I used this month?” or ask Alexa to “tell Phyn Plus to show the water off.”

Phyn Plus installation

Phyn Plus gets established on the primary water line going into your private home, commonly where your shutoff valve is. It can be mounted interior or outside. We advise that Phyn Plus be installed with the aid of a professional plumber and on houses with pipes that are 1 1/4 or less. You will want an energy outlet inside 15 toes of the tool and a WiFi sign that reaches the tool.

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