PhoneDrone Ethos – Offering Your Smartphone the 3D Access

Since their invention smartphones were confined to only the two dimensional space. But it’s time to let your smartphone free. PhoneDrone Ethos grants your smartphone the three dimension access. This remarkable device gives wings to your smart phone thus allowing your smartphone to set up as an independent aerial camera.


How it works?

The PhoneDrone takes maximum advantage of the processor, wireless capability and sensors of your smartphone and in result it provides you a cloud connected, powerful aerial drone camera for just a fraction of cost of a traditional drone.

Phone Drone in Action:

Worried about Sending Valuable Smartphone into Air?

We know some of the people are reluctant to send their precious smartphone up in the air. That’s why we have developed many safety features in PhoneDrone Ethos device to protect your smartphone in case of any misshapenness.




Protective Case:Drone-3

We well know that material matters. That’s why we have use best materials making the PhoneDrone water resistant, float able and shock resistant so that your smartphone is always protected from damage.

Redundant Design:

Copying the techniques of a standard aircraft design the device has built-in redundancy in hardware as well as software. This helps in taking over the backup system if the primary system fails. In this way your smartphone remains safe even if the primary system of the PhoneDrone Ethos fails.


The PhoneDrone Ethos is compatible with iPhone as well as Android smartphones and even with many low cost smartphones. In this way you will have the cheapest cloud-connected drone on this planet.

Technical specifications:Drone-2

Weight:                       12.3 Oz (350 g)

Speed:                          Max 35 MPH

Payload:                      7.0 Oz (200 g)

Flight Time:              15-20 min

Dimensions:             56 x 231 x 267 mm

Compatibility:         Android, iOS, Apple Watch

Wireless Pairing:   Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

Phone Dimensions: 10 x 80 x 160 mm (Maximum); 6 x 58 x 115 mm (Minimum)


Where to Buy?

PhoneDrone is running a live campaign on INDIEGOGO and is estimated to launch till the end of this month.

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