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Swap the cumbersome portable charger for this compact one that plugs straight in

Top 10 Problem-Solving Phone Accessories and Gadgets You Need Now

Problem-Solving Phone Accessories We hope you enjoy the products we recommend! Our editorial team independently selects these items. Please be aware that HuffPost UK may receive a portion of the proceeds or other compensation through the links on this page if you make a purchase. Additionally, we want to mention that the prices and availability …

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Novobit Super Fast iPhone Charger

The 10 Best iPhone Chargers For 2022

When you need your iPhone chargers or wall adapter the most, it can seem as though everything is lost. But don’t worry; if the iPhone charger that came with your phone is lost for whatever reason,

Smartphone Camera Lens

10 Best Smartphone Accessories for Traveling

Make sure you pack the best smartphone accessories for your next trip, from protective cases and screen protectors to add-on camera lenses for wide-angle images and virtual meetings.

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Panasonic Wireless Charging

Panasonic is a multinational Japanese electronics company based in Osaka, Japan. The business produces cell phone handsets and associated equipment. As of 2012, Japan’s smartphone industry accounted for about 20 percent. They incorporated wireless charging in their Eluga handset as members of the Wireless Power Consortium in 2012. HOW Using your PANASONIC HANDSET WIRELESS CHARGING …

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Anker Magnetic Wireless Charger

Anker revealed that Apple is offering an alternative to the MagSafe Charger. It’s much cheaper than the Apple version costing $39, but it also isn’t a real MagSafe charger which means that for the iPhone 12 it cannot hit those 15 watt charging speeds; it is 7.5 watts as much as all other wireless iPhone …

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Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus

Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus

Compatible with Nite Ize Steelie Mounting products, the Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus features a large, powerful neodymium magnet withholding electricity to mount even the most important telephones or telephones with big cases. Each tool may have its personal Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus to without difficulty attach to either the Steelie Dash Mount, Vent …

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