Pets Gadgets Mira-Pet Ultrasound Dog Toothbrush

Mira-Pet Ultrasound Dog Toothbrush

Keep your dog as happy and healthy as can be with the Mira-Pet Ultrasound Dog Toothbrush. Although technically a toothbrush, this device is unlike any you’ve ever seen. The state-of-the-art design features ultrasound technology to provide a deep clean to your dog’s teeth. It works silently and vibration-free so there’s no sensation for your dog. As a result, it’s gentle, quick, and easier than ever to clean your dog’s teeth. You never have to worry about costly and traumatic trips to the vet for an invasive cleaning. Introducing Mira-Pet to your dog is easy and takes just a few minutes of positive reinforcement. From there, apply the included dog toothpaste and gently glide the Mira-Pet along your dog’s teeth. About 45 to 60 seconds of this motion alone is enough to blast away bacteria. Your dog is left with better breath as well as healthy gums for optimal overall health.

Product Description

Introducing a breakthrough oral hygiene technology that is solving the #1 health problem of dogs. It’s a fact that 80% of all dogs over the age of three, suffer from periodontitis (Inflammation of the gums due to tartar build-up). Without a viable solution to this tooth cleaning & inflammation problem, over time a lack or poor oral hygiene can lead to the damage of internal organs and reduce the quality of life for your pet.

Mira-Pet is an affordable and convenient vibration-free and silent oral hygiene solution that allows you to care for your pet’s oral health at home, without the need of expensive and uncomfortable vet visits.

The Mira-Pet toothbrush utilizes ultrasound technology combined with the specially designed toothpaste to clean deeper than the gums, destroying bacteria on the plaque over the teeth and in the gum pockets. Our unique design and function allows pet owners an oral heath solution to tartar build up and inflammation prevention.

When comparing a standard (manual or sonic) brush for pets, professionals comment on the ineffectiveness of the standard brush in working to prevent a build up of tartar. On a secondary note, pets do not accept moving or rotating brushes, therefore making the use of a standard brush almost completely ineffective.

Mira-Pet comes with a Three-Sided interchangeable brush head for quick and more effective cleaning. At 60 million oscillations/minute, the ultrasound technology (accelerated air motion vibrations), gently cleans away bacteria from deep in the gum pockets.

Specifically Formulated Toothpaste

Overbrushing is a major cause of what wears down the enamel on your pet’s teeth and results in irritated gums. The specifically formulated symbiotic Ultrasound toothpaste for Mira-Pet is made without any abrasive particles, thus eliminating the risk of damage to your pet’s enamel. The difference in the toothpaste is in the billions of microscopic nano bubbles that are created when used in combination with air oscillations. These nano bubbles, roughly 150x thinner than a human hair, work through the smallest crevices on the enamel, clearing away any microscopic particles.Read more..

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