Pet Gadget CATOLET Smart Automatic Litter Box

CATOLET Smart Automatic Litter Box


Give your pet the ultimate gift with the CATOLET Smart Automatic Litter Box. Designed for both cats as well as small dogs, it ensures your furry friend always has a clean play to do its business. The CATOLET is highly intelligent and requires no filler or cleaning. Instead, it features a conveyor system in order to dispose of waste. This automatic process washes the conveyor belt as soon as your pet leaves. Connecting to your home’s sewage system, all of the waste is totally removed with ease. Incredibly, the CATOLET captures all liquids and doesn’t leave a single drop behind. Likewise, this means that your pet’s paws will always stay dry. The CATOLET even has a leakage system. If any leak is detected, you get an instant alert right to your device. Complete with an adaptation system, it takes anywhere from 2 to 21 days to train your pet.

Product Description

Love your pet but hate the litter box cleaning routine? Scooping at least once a day, washing thoroughly with detergent when refilling, replacing plastic litter box itself once a year, etc. Other common problems include cleaning up the mess of litter spread all over the floor (especially carpet) and odor. A team of young engineers have solved this problem for you!



CATOLET – the world’s newest and unique automatic litter box for cats and small dogs that does not require any filler nor cleaning. It is based on a conveyor system for waste disposal with automatic washing of the conveyor belt and flushing to the sewer. Whenever the pet is placed inside the automatic tray, the sensor detects its presence and monitors when it leaves the CATOLET device. After a period of time, which is set individually, flushing is carried out. Waste is not collected in any container, filler is not required, whereas, the waste is crushed and washed down the sewer. After flushing, the device is ready for the use again.

The conveyor system lets all the liquid through without leaving a single drop. Paws of your pet will always be dry.


Solid wastes are removed with the help of conveyor system and a shredder. Further removal of waste to the sewage system is carried out by the means of a pump.



We have conducted a lot of test runs, which proved the effectiveness of the device.



To train/teach your cat to a new tray, there is an adaptation system in place. The time of training to a new tray is about 2-21 days. You can also use the decomposing filler in small quantities, pouring a little on the conveyor in order for your cat to get used to a new tray.



connection CATOLET


The device is connected simply, in TWO ways:

1. To the water supply and sewage system The kit includes 2.0 m hoses for connection.


2. You can also connect to the nearest faucet and toilet bowl The kit includes 2.0 m hoses for connection.

Everything is simple!


  connection CATOLET basics



In the CATOLET automatic box, a sensor is installed which detects leakage and malfunction of the water supply system, whenever it is activated, the system shuts the water supply and informs the owner of the malfunction. Thus, CATOLET is an autonomous system for protection against water leaks. This option is available in all versions of the device.

The device can be controlled and configured via mobile application. In the setup mode, you can set the binding time (this is very convenient, since all animals have their own character). The application runs on different mobile operating systems. In the mobile application, you can track the intervals and the number of trips of your pet, violation of cycles, water flow and other parameters. The tray is equipped with a leakage sensor, and in case of a sudden situation, the system will send a message to your smartphone.



The case is made of sanitary acrylics; the conveyor belt is made out of composite materials that are resistant to claws and aggressive environment. Whereas, the conveyor tape is made with through holes, so that the pet does not wet its paws.

Designers will give a choice of five single-colored body colors-from pink to blue, as well as prints in the form of cat’s paws or cute cat faces.Read More..

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