Outstanding Survival Apps essential for Outdoors

Whenever you go for outdoors you necessarily require some things to be always with you. Here is a collection of best smartphone apps which may help you while you are in any of the SHFT situation. And I hope you will love them when you use them.

1.     SAS Survival Handbook:

SAS survival handbook is probably the best app for any SHTF situation and you will need it everywhere during your outdoor. It fulfills all of your survival needs from setting fire and camps for hunting and survival. It contains variety of tools like sun compass, Morse encoder, video and photo gallery along with hundred plus questions and answers. The most important thing about this is that this does not require any internet connection for use.

Click here to download SAS Survival Guide for Android

2.     Wild Edibles App:


Sometimes SHFT brings you to starving situations. In such a situation Wild Edibles gives you a hope for life and helps you to survive. It provides information about edible wild plants. It contains description about almost 200 edible wild plants along with their photos. Moreover it also contains instruction about harvesting and cooking the wild plants.



Click hereto download Wild Edibles for Android

3.     Smart Compass:


Compass is necessity of any hiker, survivalist and camper. But this smart compass is very suitable for those who don’t want to stare at their compass constantly. The amplified reality display of the compass allows you to follow it easily.

Click her to download Smart Compass for Android

4.     FirstAid App:

The First Aid app enables you to handle any emergency situation. The First Aid app is designed in such a way that you can easily learn your first aid skills and execute them in any emergency case. It includes detailed instructions in form of written documents and videos for different emergency and survival circumstances.



Click here to download First Aid by American Red Cross for Android 

5.    3D Knots :

Knots 3D is a survival use app using which you can learn or revise your basic knotting for survival situations.  This app gradually explains the procedure for different knots according to the use or need along with their weaknesses and strength.

Download Click here to download Knots 3D for Android

6.     Weather-Bug:

This app keeps you informed about the weather of the region you are living in. Weather-bug is a necessary application for power shortage in case of natural disasters etc.



Click here to download Weatherbug for Android

7.     MotionX GPS:

MotionX GPS is among the top list outdoor apps. It permits you to download geographical maps for all over the world. It protects you from being dependent upon cell connectivity to retrieve a map. Additionally it redirects you to the basecamp if you are lost in a forest during outdoor.

Click here to download MotionX GPS for iOS

8.    Military Survival Guide:

Actually this app is part of the military’s manual but it is also very benificial for other survivalists. It briefly explains different survival techniques like assembling shelter in dreadful situations, hunting and cooking and much more.



Click here to download Army Survival Guide for Android

9.     Bug-Out Bag Checklist App:


Bug-Out bag Checklist app is a perfect tool for those survivalists who want to refine or relist their current system. The application will help you by listing the items of your bug out bag. The app than will alert you about expiring items and informs you about those which are to be replaced. This outstanding app makes information available for all survival things including shelters, cooking, medical supplies, hunting and clothing etc.

Click here to download  the Bug Out Bag Checklist App for Android

10.My-Nature Animal Tracks:


No doubt there are many tracking apps available in the market which may be very helpful in tracing types and tracks of animals in your surroundings. However My-Nature Animal Tracks is extremely wide-range and useful app. The app is assembled with complete database of animal feet, animal voices, scat ID and gate patterns and much more…



Click here to download MyNature Animal Tracks for iOS


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