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IT ONEOFF conceives, designs and produces unique objects. Born with the support and experience of a historic Italian company, IT ONEOFF offers its products and its services to its customers thanks to the support of selected partnerships that allow it to be present all over the world.

Unidentified Furniture Object

Swinging/rocking chair inspired by space capsule shapes that need to withstand earth’s atmospheric impact.
Lounge rocking chair manufactured using one piece of carbon fiber as the body vault with a handmade Primogenitor leather and Memory composite seat.

A stabilizing mass fulcrum allows the lounge chair to rotate 360° degrees and still completely stable.

Subject of furniture not identified

Inspired by the extreme forms of space capsules, designed to withstand re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere. rocking armchair composed of a spherical monochrome carbon fiber and a seat Memory composite and Primogenitor skin. The chassis in pure carbon fiber is assembled and processed by hand, made and finished by exploiting technologies and automotive typical processes.


UFO ONEOFF Rocking Chair Can Rock, Spin, And Swivel For More Relaxation Options



This is a UFO. No, not an unidentified flying object that may or may not be of alien origin. But an Unidentified Furniture Object that’s definitely from a terrestrial source. Which, we guess, makes it disappointing to alien conspiracy theorists, albeit intriguing to everyone else.

A rocking lounge chair, it sports a unique design that touches just a single point on the ground. A stabilizing mass fulcrum on that single contact point allows it to not just rock back and forth like regular rocking chairs. But also spin, pivot, and swivel side to side, making for a great chair to change up your lounging experience, apart from being a veritable playground toy.


The UFO has a shape inspired by space capsules. So you can feel like you’re nested inside one while chilling in its seat. We’re not sure how comfortable the darn thing is, but it sure looks utterly relaxing. It’s quite spacious, too. Do note, it’s heavy at 234 pounds. So this is the kind of furniture you’ll want to put in a permanent spot rather than regularly move around.


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