OmiSonic Wireless Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

OmiSonic Wireless Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

OmiSonic Wireless Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool is convenient and eco-friendly. There’s no such factor as too easy and OmiSonic lets you acquire total cleanliness for a whole lot of objects. Working with water, this smart tool uses ultrasonic cleaning technology to take away germs from your hand wash-most effective clothes, meals, and hard-to-wash objects. It can clean up to 4.four lbs.

Of garb on an unmarried run and may even take care of wine stains, rust, and more. It does all this with a push of a button, supplying you with the capability to smooth just about everything.

The OmiSonic is battery-powered and rechargeable, so no outlet is needed for use. You can take it with you camping or traveling, cleaning up to 4.4 pounds of the stuff per run. “Stuff” includes clothing, jewelry, personal hygiene items such as toothbrushes, fruits and vegetables, and toys and baby items.

Achieve a deep clean for all your assets with the OmiSonic Wireless Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool. Totally wireless, the tool can easily whatever from food to clothing to jewelry. OmiSonic works wonders on hand-wash-handiest items. In fact, it may handle loads up to four.4 lbs. On an unmarried run. Whether you’re tenting or just trying to store water, OmiSonic gets rid of dirt, wine, rust, and even stains. It does all this without the need for an outlet or a power bank.

Simply pop OmiSonic into a bowl of water with your assets, use the app to pick your settings, and it’s proper to go. OmiSonic cleans down to the microscopic level so you can relaxation assured whatever from your food to toys is completely clean. And, its handiest uses 2% of the water a washing machine would use. With simply two hours of charging, OmiSonic can provide 4 washes of 1 lb. Each.

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