Ofrees Wearable Chair , Portable chair, Chairless Chair

Ofrees Wearable Chair , Portable chair, Chairless Chair

Product Description

Wearable chairs are sweeping the market as a new development in ergonomics and portability, and are available through a variety of different brands. Ofrees are emerging as groundbreakers in this new technology, and other reliable electronics brands are quickly following suit.

According to Entrepreneur, people are putting on “ridiculous”-looking robotic devices like a pair of pants to help support their back and keep them comfortable while they sit in midair. But as ridiculous as they may sound, these bionic pants are proven to have positive health effects that are anything but silly.

Wearable Chair Product

Functionality, value, and cost are some of the most important factors to consider when investing in this new piece of technology. While you may be eager to own bionic pants, you’ll want to invest some time researching the best products available before making a final decision.

Ofrees is a South Korean-based company that has developed several versions of the popular bionic pants, making it easy to acquire a pair for yourself.

These pants are worn as a suit, in a similar fashion to the Noonee models. With a portable size and weight, there are a few different spec options to choose from. The flexibility to decide between a range of Small to 2XL makes it easy to find the perfect fit.

You can find these Ofrees wearable chair options on eBay  as well, but prices vary a little more freely than they do on Amazon. Typically, you can find a reliable pair of Ofrees bionic pants for a little under $1000.

While that may seem costly, keep in mind that these chairless chair options are still well under development. While they are planning to be released to the public in the very near future, they are mostly only available through corporations and bulk buyers. Ofrees is the first brand to have made the decision to make wearable chairs available to the retail market.

Specification of the Product

1. Recommended User Weight : Upto 120kg
2. Size Option : 2XL,XL,L,M,S
– 2XL : (Height) 183cm~188cm
– XL : (Height) 174cm~182cm
– L : (Height) 164cm~173cm
– M : (Height) 155cm~163cm
– S : (Height) 145cm~154cm
3. Weight : 1.5~2kg (Depands on the size)
4. Color : Black
5. Material : Aluminum 7075
6. Maker : OFREES Co.,Ltd.
7. Origin : KOREA. Read more..

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