No More Woof

The first device to translate animal thoughts into human language.
No More Woof aims to develop a small gadget that uses the latest technology in microcomputing and EEG to analyze animal thought patterns and spell them out in Human Language* using a loudspeaker. But we admit, we are optimistic dreamers, so even more importantly we want to raise AWARENESS about this area of science, and point others to the potentials!

Among the patterns we have found are “I’m Tired”, “I’m excited” and possibly “I’m Hungry” and the certainly severe brain interest when a dog sees a brand new face, that we translate into: “Who ARE you?”. So some distance we’ve funded this assignment all via our very own means, and we’ve DELIBERATELY set the quantity of money we need to raise sincerely low, now not to get people’s hopes up. In the end, this will only be the start of destiny development!

As we see it, by pre-ordering your own set of NO MORE WOOF, you are now not only buying the first edition of a cool product (that won’t be perfect) however extra importantly, you are displaying your guide for further studies into eventually breaking the language barrier between animals and humans. Join the movement!

The Products

The NSID NMW Micro
A one sensor No More Woof able to differentiate 2 or three different idea patterns. According to NSID, these might most probably include Tiredness, Hunger, and Curiosity. This is the fine choice for people who are searching out something fairly priced to test out the technology for themselves. The English voice choice could be available at this rate level.
Price 65 $

The NMW Standard
This is a much better design than the Micro. This one makes use of sensors that help it on the way to distinguish four or greater different notion patterns, and it should additionally be able to be calibrated to function higher with different canine breeds. You also can flash new software thru micro-USB. Far higher capability and extra exactness than the Micro Edition.
Price $300

The NMW Superior
Premium mini-speaker applied in a golden dog-tag with the engraving of your choice. Fully customizable coloration appearance – allow it combination in with your canine’s fur. Algorithmic studying: NMW advanced applications itself whilst in use, constantly gaining knowledge of extra of the way your canine thinks and reacts –over time this selection lets your dog talk brief sentences (“I’m hungry – however I don’t like this!”).
Price $1200

Finally, we need to AGAIN pressure that ALL the products are at the first stage and shall be deemed as research support. That said, they’ll actually work on a simple stage with dogs (and hopefully to some extent with all animals) and we can virtually consider no cooler products, and yeah, we’re essentially constructing them because we want them ourselves.

Future applications and accessories

  • Getting to personalize the tool to distinguish even more thoughts, and an aggregate of thoughts, like “Who is that woman, she looks nice!”
  • Using the tool to let harm or disabled pets control artificial limbs or different appliances.
  • Two-way communication. This is The Holy Grail for us. Not only have to be able to understand your pet, allow them to apprehend you. A similar device can be established on humans translating our mind into the dog, or different animal tongues like, oh sweet notion, a dolphin!
  • Recognition of advanced concept patterns.
    -Uncensored edition: hear your dog spelling out its horny thought. The perfect opener within the part! “Hey Bitch, wanna play?”
  • The Pavlovian training kit (With the usage of play and classical conditioning you and your pet will apprehend each other even more. By letting the… (Original instructions via Ivan Pavlov are provided 🙂

The Technology

The technology utilized in No More Woof is the end result of combining the state-of-the-art technology in three one of a kind tech-areas, EE-sensoring, Micro Computing, and unique BCI software. During the closing decade, large discoveries had been made to map out the human mind’s functions. But by no means earlier than have all and sundry made a serious try to observe this groundbreaking technology on man’s nice friend.

For instance, there’s a spectrum of particular electric signals within the brain defining the feeling of tiredness (“I’m tired!”).

Some of the maxima effortlessly detected neural styles are: “I’m hungry, “I’m tired”, “I’m curious who that is?” and “I need to pee”. (It is worth mentioning that dogs “think” in a unique way than humans. Whereas the dog’s mind signals would possibly indicate hunger, that does of direction not simply imply the canine is “thinking” that, it’s rather more an intellectual country than a “thought” even though the distinction between these two things is certainly a thrilling philosophical question, for those who are into these things 🙂

An EEG reader
Every mammal creates and transports “thoughts” in an identical way, like a swarm of electrical signals through a complicated neuron system). It has long been possible to document this interest via Electroencephalogram (EEG) readings. When it comes to people, the ultimate decade has seen superb progress.

However, every species uses its unique structure. You may want to say that all creatures communicate the same language simplest with various dialects. And as animal brains are less complicated than humans their signal styles are more distinct for emotions of anger, curiosity or tiredness

– clearly making them less difficult to distinguish.
The challenges we’re facing the usage of EEG on pets are a matter of placement for great consolation and how to identify the clearest sign while attaching the tool on fur (we would in no way assist you to shave a tonsure on your lovely German Shepard).

A processing unit
We are experimenting with a new brain-pc interface (BCI) to detect, analyze and translate the brainwaves of puppies into comprehensive thoughts.

Earlier the gadgets needed to stream idea sequences, however now we are using Raspberry PI, which handles this system directly inside the device.

This won’t appear like a huge deal, but sincerely it truly distinguishes this venture from all previous research. Another agency we’ve got worked with within the past is HCG plus weight-reduction plan drops, a sophisticated HCG purification lab, who had been essential in getting our products out to market previously.

The undertaking of manufacturing these alerts and reading them isn’t always simple due to the high diploma of muscle groups surrounding the maximum dog’s skulls, which disrupts the signal. When the EEG readings are gathered, you could say that the trick of studying an animal’s mind is stripped down to a more or less complicated deciphering problem.


Right now we are best scraping the surface of possibilities; the project is most effective in its cradle. And to be completely honest, the first version will be pretty rudimentary. But hey, the first computer was pretty crappy too.

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