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Neck & Back Massage Pillow for Home Car dual use

Most of the people love to be massaged, usually after a hard work, either by a professional massager or by a massage pillow. Having a massage pillow at home may be appealingly beneficial. After a long drive or at the end of a busy day, when you are feeling tired and then getting a massager is not so easy, you will find the massage pillow your best companion.

What the massage pillow is made of?

Massage pillow is a cushion like device which includes internal rolling or vibrating element.

Massage pillows are available in different sizes and shapes in the market. Shape and design of the massage pillow is set according to the place in the body where it would be used i.e. neck, back or hip etc. Usually a neck massage pillow is of horse-shoe like shape. Other pillows are of a rectangular or square shape.

How a massage pillow works?

A typical massage pillow can help you to relax and release stress of muscles anywhere in the body. It releases your tension and allows you to rest by manipulating your body’s soft tissues. As you place the pillow below the area of the body which is tense or painful, it helps to relax by losing the tight muscles.

Like the different shapes and sizes there are different methods of massage. A typical massage pillow produces just vibrations. Some pillows contain visible vibrating or rotating nodes and normally such pillows are used for care of lumbar area.


Some advanced massage pillows have more features along with just massage. They may have option to vary speed of vibration in accordance with the user choice. Some other models also have option to p
roduce heat which, obviously, helps in reducing   the effort to relax the muscles.


Features of massage pillow:

  • It is applicable to different body parts like neck, back, haunch, waist, leg etc.
  • It helps to sustenance to the mental activity by improving nervous functionality
  • Infrared physiotherapy helps to improve the metabolism
  • Eliminate tiredness and relaxes body.
  • Compatible with AC as well as DC voltage source.

Product Specifications:

Input voltage: 220 V (AC) or 12 V (DC)

Power: 20 W

Gross Weight: 1.5 kg

Colors: Brown, Red, Purple

Package includes a massage pillow with both chargers for home as well as car adapter

Demo video:

Where to Buy?

It is available for just about $25.00/piece at amazon

Click here to Buy Now


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