Nebula Mars II Pro

The entertaining Anker Nebula Mars II Pro is fantastic for a mini projection device, with good brightness, resolution and image quality. The right way to use it at home, because it’s not so compact as some of its peers.

As the highest model for a smaller projector and a powerful sound system in Anker’s Nebula range of fun projectors, Anker Nebula Mars II pro offers decent luminosity. It is not as easily portable as the Editors’ Option, but Mars II Pro is brighter and has a more native resolution and a more powerful sound system with a shorter batteries life than Anker Nebula Apollo. It receives a choice of publishers itself as a mini projector for entertainment.


The Mars II Pro is bigger and heavier than other entertainment projectors that we tested recently at 5,4 by 4,8 by 7 inches (HSD) and weighing 3,9 pounds. Tub-like it is a cloth-stick, with a matt-black top and steely grey edges. I found myself thinking of it as Darth Vader’s lunchbox much like a handbasket.

However, a portable flashlight is a better analogy. The lens is covered under a protective cover when not in use. As the cover is fading, the projection engine triggers and the DLP light engine of the Mars II Pro – which uses a 30 000 hour life-time LED light source – pumps up to 500 ANSI lumens.

This is a higher luminosity than any of the recently examined entertainment projectors and creates a relatively broad useable image. While a portable 300-lumen Acer C250i projector can thrust up to 60 cm (diagonally measured) into a dark space, the maximum usable size of the Mars II Pro was approx. 80 cm and around 48 cm with ambient light introduction.


Brighter is Better: DLP technology IntelliBright is projecting a radiant 500 ANSI lumen picture with a razor sharp 720p for perfect video clarity.
Cinematic sound: double 10W audio drivers are working together to produce sensational, deep, resonant sound and bass for an unforgettable experience in the field of outdoor video.
The built-in 12500mAh battery offers non-stop movie viewing 3 hours, adequate to watch most movies.
All Your Favours: See your portable projector YouTube, Netflix and more for hours with Android 7.1.

Nebula mars

Your future has only grown even brighter with Mars II Pro.

Mars II Pro delivers a superb cinematic experience with the ones who matter most every location, with its radiant 500 ANSI lumen HD image, Android 7.1 and horizontal and vertical keystones.

ANSI 500 lm
HD image HD
Speakers of dual 10W
Keystoning horizontal and vertical
Broad connectivity
7.1 of Android


Nebula Mars II Pro available at a price of US$549.99

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