Nano Bluetooth Ear Piece

Now a day, technology is improving day by day. Now things are become smaller and smarter. So, in this article we are share information about Nano ear pieces.

What is ear piece?

Ear piece is a micro-phone device which is attached by the mobile and help to receive and transmit voice signals.

Have a look on some different technologies:

In past micro phone had some kind of wires that plugged in ears and signals are transforms but in limited rang.

There are some different technology let see:

Technologies are improving time to time, so they reduce the headache of wire plugging in ear and to solve the wire puzzles, so they invent wireless ear piece. The range of this devices are increased and make them much smarter.

But this technology had some dawn back. This device had some weight and any one can identify this easily because it is separately attached with ear and have some blinking light which attract the people. If you are on some mission. So this type of device will harm your task.

Introduction of Nano Bluetooth ear piece:

We are introducing some other but latest kind up ear piece. It is small in size. The other ear piece are 2 to 3 feet long and let talk about wireless ear pieces they are 15.5 mm by 57.5 mm  long and now my device Nano Bluetooth ear piece is only 6 mm by 10 mm long that is equal to your nail of pinky finger. The most important things is due to its smallness we can the hide this ear piece easily and we can used this ear piece in secret meetings or anywhere else where you want to hide your  ear piece. On wearing this ear pieces this is difficult to tell that you’re using and wearing any type of devices.


This Nano ear piece is fit in your ear canal and after that you feel that you are hearing some voice that you are said in your phone. This is quite faster the old one.  The sound quality is very fine because of amplification. Amplification is a process that enhance the signals. So don’t worried about the signals it have built in amplification system that picked the signal by using neck loop system in the same way the radio station used.


Is this device is compatible with mobile phone?”

Because there are different type of companies that are selling their mobile phones. The answer is yes it is compatible with all different type of phone. There are providing connector to connect with your phone.

Now discuss the technical specification of Nano Bluetooth ear piece:

  • The range of signal or frequency:
  • Bluetooth 2400~2480 Megahertz and Earphone 200hertz~5400hertz
  • Data transmitting rang:
  • To ear piece is one feet and to mobile phone is 30 to 35 feet’s.
  • Compatibility with Bluetooth:
  • It is compatible with 1.0 or 2.0 version of Bluetooth.
  • Battery life of Nano earpiece :
  • Used as earpiece then 6 hours and used as Bluetooth talk 2.5 hours to 3 hours.
  • Battery type using in Nano earpiece:
  • Button batteries for earpiece and 320mah lithium battery for Bluetooth.
  • Size of Bluetooth device:
  • 27 millimeter x 59millimeter x 19 millimeter
  • Color range :
  • Black and Cream.
  • Nano Bluetooth package contain:
  • One ear piece
  • One neck loop
  • One battery 337 SR416SW
  • One 3.5 millimeter x 3.5 millimeter adapter for mobile phone, that why this is able to connect with every device like (IPhone, Nokia, HTC, Motorola and Samsung).
  • One manual

How to buy Nano Bluetooth ear piece?

You can buy this device online or you can buy this from your electronic shops. The online seller are:

Cost of Nano Bluetooth ear piece:

The average cost of Nano Bluetooth ear piece is $45 to $55.


if this device not available then this is out of stock or visit another site.

Demo video of Nano Bluetooth ear piece:

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