Motorcycle Helmet with Head Mounted Navigation System

Motorcycle Helmet with Head Mounted Navigation System

A Russian company has introduced a smart motorcycle helmet with a built-in navigation system.hlemet The helmet is named as LiveMap and is Android based including Google maps for all countries of the world and information about whether forecasting traffic routes and other points of interest like public places and hotels.

The Challenge:

Instead of usual paper-maps motorcyclist need an effective navigation device. The reason is that usual navigation sources require repeated stops and also it diverts the attention of the biker which is not safe and may result in an accident.

The Solution:

The Russian scientists have found the solution to this problem by inventing a small helmet with a head mounted display. This helmet is powered with following characteristics;

  • A microphone for voice control
  • Digital compass, G-sensor and gyroscope for head movement tracking
  • Two earphones for communication
  • Light sensors for image brightness control according to the outer light conditions
  • A two 3 Ah batteries power system
  • The company’s self-designed minimalist interface


The helmet is integrated with high quality displaying interface and voice commands. The user may request to get information about different places e.g. fueling stations, restaurants and hospitals etc. via built in speech recognition system.

The LiveMap helmet also counts for necessary safety measurements. Instead of using Android’s or Apple’s digital display interface the helmet is powered with another interface which is purely designed by the creators of the helmet. So the user will not be able to play games or sea videos while driving. The map will be displayed only when the bike is moving with a very slow speed to avoid accidents.

User Interface:


Aside this, the smart helmet is made of carbon fiber that is light weight and the whole weight of the helmet is about 1.4 kg.

A comparative study of Pros and Cons:

A similar navigation facility is available with Google Glass in helmet with drawbacks of too small screen and low saturation and resolution. Moreover you have also to re-focus again and again on the small screen.




But this is not with the LiveMap helmet and it is safe in the sense that you have not to see away from the road. The LiveMap uses optical projector to display the transparent color picture on the visor (helmet screen). The screen display contains all vital navigation information including street names, speed, directions and navigation turn signal.


However some of the disadvantages of the LiveMap include a slightly bigger size and more weight. In summer some of the bike riders have their visor open so the navigation system couldn’t be used.

It is also under consideration that whether the authorities permit its use or not because the display on the visor interrupts the driver. It may cause difficulty for the biker even though the display picture is semi-transparent.

See the video:

Where to purchase?

Still the LiveMap helmet is in its second prototype and company claims that the item will be available nearly in 2017 all over the world. The retail price will be about US$2,000. However in case of pre-order you will get a discount of US$500 and it will help in development and send the helmet in production phase.
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