Moorebot Scout

Moorebot Scout

Moorebot found a robot that acts as an autonomous surveillance camera, operated by AI technology, at a confluence of surveillance, increased home safety issues and market interest in baby cams and robotic vacuums. In general, certain tyres that look like monster trucks provide the automatic mobility advantage over mounted cameras. You need one which reads “Beware of Robot” instead of one of those signs. Dystopian scenarios abound. Instead of one of those signs you need.


Features of the Scout Robot

Moorebot features include the integration of the smart home with the Amazon Alexa or Google home, the monocular SLAM, and the audio-visual device that enables Scouts to recognise and monitor and communicate with individuals and pets.


Make Friends wth Remote Dogs

Scout can be used to watch and make friends with remote dogs. If you’re concerned about the well-being of your pet when away, Scout will help care about it, and you will hear and chat with the two-way audio feature.

It is of 70mm x 100mm x 110mm – 2.8inches x 4 inches x 4.3 inch scale that makes it difficult to reach places with its 1080P FHD camera and night vision to offer its users great new opportunities.

AUTNOM moorebot

Recharge Cardle

The Scout can always find the way back to his recharge cradle and can last for more than 2 hours on a charge.

The modular architecture of Moorebot Scout ensures that consumers, young and old, need not care about developing specific applications.

Scout has also a free-source code to create and incorporate even more complex AI features for programmers. And supplement the unit with a 3D printer from a robot arm, UV steriliser, pet feeders and much more that can also be linked to the Scout.

Security Privacy

The Moorebot Scout has High privacy and security Privacy is ensured by highly secure internet communications using TUTK’s Peer-to-Peer protocol, one of the safest video streaming services available.

The Scout will retail for $ 179, or around $ 5,550. If interested, visit Amazon and the Moorebot website, which will be available in March / April 2021.

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