Mode Cannabis


Offer it a few years and there won’t be an unanswerable Marijuana issue anymore. For her part, mode will be looking for how much I smoke, how long I can breathe, what this strain is, and last time I tried that strain, to name a few, I liked that strain’s high. The Mode System is universal, so that your inserts of choice are assisted and the data it gathers from the insert and your use is turned into an app that informs you much of what your own weed-smoking skills are about. It even has haptic feedback, so it is time to exhale your hand. Prepare for this industry flood to see cannabis tech.


Mode offers several exclusive features including:

  • Real-Time Dosing Control – 

    Mode’s Touch Slider™ allows users to adjust their dose with precision down to the milligram.

  • Universal 510 Compatibility – Mode is compatible with the universal 510 threaded cartridge, giving users the freedom to enjoy their favorite strains from the best brands on the market.
  • Haptic Guidance™  Mode’s Inhale & Exhale Haptic Guidance feature lets users know exactly when to stop inhaling and when to exhale with a gentle vibration from the device.
  • Quick-Snap™ Connector – Swap out 510 cartridges with a simple snap. No screwing or twisting required.
  • Child/Tamper-Proof – The Mode device can be locked manually or remotely with the app.
  • Connected Mode App – The companion mobile app features the first ever control dashboard for personalized cannabis consumption. It provides access to detailed dosage plans, product information, feedback loop, personalized recommendations and consumption analytics.mode-cannabis
  • The  platform is developed for both health and leisure users. It was built by visionaries for cannabis Izzy Kirsh, Mark (Akiva) Wagner, and Stephen Batos. Mode first came up with a personal injury that led Kirsh to recognise the need to personalise and sensitive cannabis dosing. The idea for Mode was born. The trio then started a detailed research and development project, partnered with a world-class design and engineering team and raised $2.5M to market fashion.Order Now

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