Miniwell-Your personal portable water filter

Miniwell is a portable water filter embedded with high quality ultra-filter technology. The device converts the contaminated water into bacteria and viruses free hygienic water. It is best for use during out-door activities where you don’t find pure drinking water. This helps you during outstation journey, hiking, camping, hunting, survival or any emergency like earth quake or flood etc.



  • Miniwell uses ultra-filter technology removing all type of pathogenic viruses and bacteria, toxins and reduces heavy metals.
  • Forget about drinking unpleasant taste water because it doesn’t uses any chemical for purification like iodine or chlorine.
  • The device employs 0.01 mm ultra-filter membrane which provides you crystal clean water.Feature
  • It has a filtration capacity of 1000 liter water.
  • Beneficial materials can be preserved in water.
  • You can easily clean the Ultra-filter.
  • After a specific duration the filter can be replaced, enhancing the lifetime of the device.
  • The device is light weight i.e. 98 g with a compact form.
  • Device has life time of five years and it can last up to three years after first use.
  • Miniwell filter is compatible with a half –liter plastic bottle
  • You can also use the filter to drink water directly from a contaminated water source.
  • Especially it helps you in any emergency or in remote areas.

How to Use:

One can use the device (Miniwell) in three different ways according to the need and availability of choice.

Bottle Filter:

Miniwell can easily be attached with a half litter soda bottle (28 mm headed), which you can easily found around you.Bottle Filter

Direct Filter:

If you don’t find any bottle with you, even than you no need to worry about. Just dip one end of the Miniwell directly

into water and drink through the other.

Direct Filter

Gravity Filter:

The package also includes a pipe which is attachable with Miniwell. Using this combination you might also use it with a water bag.Gravity Filter

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • If water flow rate is slow, you may increase it by back flushing the UF filter. Rinse the filter with clean water. It extends its lifespan.
  • After cleaning, let the device to dry on open air.
  • If you are to store the filter, back flush it and soak it in vinegar. It will sterilize it.
  • In case the filter is not working well, don’t throw the whole device. The filter is replaceable.
  • Similarly the carbon filter is also replaceable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

      1. How often one can change the filter and after how much time?

Ans: It depends upon the quality of the water, being filtered. The more polluted the water the less is the life of the filter. One should use the fresh water as a water source.

If you are using the device round the year, you should change the carbon filter after 12 months. Otherwise it will cause smell.

      1. Does the Miniwell filter the water salt?

Ans:No the UF membrane has a pore size of 0.01 mm, which allows the water salts to pass through. In other words Miniwell maintains the minerals in the water.

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