MiniBrew CRAFT home brewing kit

MiniBrew CRAFT home brewing kit

MiniBrew CRAFT home brewing kit permits you to brew world-class fine beers. From MiniBrew’s in-residence advanced beers to beers from some of the finest breweries, you could revel in freshly brewed beer directly from the keg.

Calling all homebrewers from experts to hobbyists: The MiniBrew CRAFT home brewing kit beer brewing device is for folks that love to drink beer and also want to brew great beer themselves. MiniBrew offers you the gadget you need for fuss-unfastened brewing of flexible craft beer, and it suits in a general kitchen cabinet. Craft the one’s ales and lagers with MiniBrew CRAFT home brewing kit brew packs (offered separately) that assist you to create professional-high-quality brewery style beers. Choose from IPAs, porter, Weizen, tripel, Saison, and greater, as you test and experience scrumptious kegs.

The MiniBrew Craft Keg is made with food-grade materials and capabilities a top-end made of actual wood. MiniBrew is an actual eye-catcher in your private home and is straightforward to take care of with a completely self-cleaning mechanism. Even better, this beer brewing machine is absolutely controlled through an app and walks you through the complete brew process.

While fermenting, you could check the status of your keg(s) and observe along inside the home brewing process. When your beer is ready, you could drink the sparkling craft beer at once from the keg! No bottles needed. If you need to brew and ferment greater beers at the equal time, it is feasible to swap more brew-at-domestic kegs.

MiniBrew CRAFT home brewing kit
  • Premium Craft Beer Brewing Appliance: This nice beer brew kit consists of a smart, attractively designed station for brewing beer. Anyone can make delicious alcoholic drinks with this keg right at home. Unlike competitors, the pleasant beer MiniBrew produces resembles that of your favorite professional brewery.
  • Simple to Use: Fully automatic cleansing and sterilization techniques are built-in inside the machine. It additionally controls each brew and fermentation methods. Just prepare, wait, tap, and experience in a glass with no want for bottles.
  • MiniBrew App: The smartphone (iOS) enabled the app to let you manage and look at the entire process. The virtual enjoys places brewing proper in your capable arms as you watch and engage in the beer brewing enjoy.
  • Built for Quality: The MiniBrew machine’s Tritan components are top-fine, durable, and clean to wash. Dishwasher-secure with clean clean-up and long life. Each keg has a 2-yr warranty.
  • MiniBrew Service Pack: Purchase this one by one to run and keep your MiniBrew with no worries. Includes a sanitizer spray bottle, 100ml of Arsegan Puro San sanitizer, an answer syringe, 10 hop bags, 2 dishwasher tabs, and 5 MiniBrew CO2 cartridges.

Anyone who has ever attempted making homebrew beer will know that it’s one heck of a messy job, so something that may take out the graft and cut straight to the tasty bit can be candy nectar to any budding brewmaster’s ear.

The MiniBrew CRAFT is an all-in-one worktop domestic brewing machine, which takes you from raw elements to a keg of round five liters of freshly poured beer in round 10 days. Ok, that’s not brief as popping right down to the neighborhood off-license, however, in these peculiar times, something that’ll keep you properly out of the open is welcome.

MiniBrew Breweries

How Does MiniBrew Stand Out from the Competition?

MiniBrew isn’t your standard home-brewing equipment. Learn how we take beer brewing to the next level with simplicity and style.

  • Great tasting beer: MiniBrew Craft brews professional, quality beer that is as close to your favorite brewery beer as possible.
  • Simple to use: Setup and go! The machine controls the brewing and fermentation process so you can worry about other things.
  • Easy to clean: No hassle cleaning and maintenance process. Cleaning and sterilization are built into the machine.
  • Attractive, long-lasting design: High-quality Tritan parts are durable and can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • No need for glass bottles: Tap the keg directly into a frosty glass for a delicious, ready-made beer with no fuss.
Easy To Use App

Easy To Use App

MiniBrew Craft is an all-in-one brewing and fermenting machine. The MiniBrew app (to be had on iOS, Android coming soon) courses you through the brewing technique. It also offers you insights and a step-by-step manner of what is going into brewing an extraordinary beer!

The app provides real-time brewing statistics with records unique for your brew pack.

Great Recipe Options

Great Recipe Options

MiniBrew Craft is simplest as properly as the beer it could create. That’s why MiniBrew offers a delicious kind of beers. We work with some of the satisfactory breweries to broaden new recipes, and also broaden many on our own.

From fruity and sweet Weizen to hoppy lagers and ruby purple ambers, MiniBrew brew packs provide precisely what you’re craving.

Self Cleaning

Self Cleaning

A splendid pain of traditional home brewing has always been the sterilization and clean-up. MiniBrew takes the hassle away, with a self-cleaning device and dishwasher-secure parts.

4 Easy Steps



From one of our many picks of brew packs, pick a delicious beer. You can either order in-save or via the MiniBrew app to purchase an intensive variety of beers.



The MiniBrew app will manual you through the system of brewing. The app informs you while a step or action needs to be taken and presents updates on your brewing beer.



The MiniBrew Craft is absolutely temperature-controlled, regulating the particular temperature wanted for the beer you are brewing.



Tap immediately from the keg. Fresh, cold, and shareable, the MiniBrew Craft is precisely how beer should be enjoyed!

What's in the box?

Required Components for Great Brewing

In order to clean and use your MiniBrew Craft without any issues, you must purchase the MiniBrew Service Pack. This set of items will help you run and maintain your MiniBrew without any worries. Includes a sanitizer spray bottle, 100ml of Arsegan Puro San sanitizer, a solution syringe, 10 hop bags, 2 dishwasher tabs, and 5 MiniBrew Co2 cartridges.

You can also accessorize with:

  • A range of brew packs to create different brews.
  • Additional kegs to brew more beer simultaneously.
  • Cleaning and maintenance equipment.

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