Make phone Calls with Your Fingertip-SGML helps you


Sgnl is an electronic strap that provides you the facility to get your phone calls via your fingertip. Just put your fingertip in your ear and talk to your caller through the microphone implanted in the strap of your watch.

Wearing the smart Sgnl strap saves you from carrying head phone or earphone everywhere with you because you can attend your phone calls by simply placing your fingertip in your year, while your mobile phone is placed in your pocket or your bag. Along with transmitting voice, your fingertip also blocks noise and unnecessary voices from reaching your year.

Quality features:

  1. Quick call receipt:

Now you can leave your cell alone and can easily attend your calls without taking your mobile phone out of your pocket or bag when you are busy, e.g. driving etc.

  1. Keeping your Privacy:

Don’t worry about others listening your caller’s voice. Your fingertip keeps the voice limited to your ear so you can take calls even when you are in a meeting or gathering.

  1. Voice transparency:

Sgnl transmits voice signal to your year via your fingertip and it also prevents noise to mix up with giving surety of clear cut voice.

  1. Medical Safety:

Sgnl is medically safe to use for human beings. It has no harms or side effects on your body because it does not emit ultrasonic or electromagnetic waves but works through transmitting vibration to the body.

      5. Long Battery Life:

Sgnl is embedded with lithium battery and cannot be replaced. However it is rechargeable and under normal use the battery charging is sufficient for a week. If you recharge the battery once a week, it can last up to 8-9 years.

      6. Outgoing Calls with fingertip:

Sgnl yet can save five contacts and you can make a call to these contacts via your Sgnl strap without touching your cell phone.

How it works through fingertip:

Sgnl is Bluetooth enabled. When your mobile phone rings Sgnl gets a signal from your phone and produces vibration which is transmitted to your year via your fingertip. As you place your fingertip inside your year, the vibration changes into magnified sound within yours year.


Functionality meets Versatility:

Watch Compatibility:

Sgnl strap is designed in such a way that it is compatible with all type of classic and smart watches.

Upgrade your classic watch:

Change the strap of your classic watch and upgrade it with Sgnl strap and make your communications easy. Sgnl strap can be fitted with almost all type of classic watches.

Giving your smart watch a new look:

Exchange the strap of your smart watch with Sgnl strap and be updated along with ease of phone communication through your fingertip.

Wear as a versatile band:

If you don’t use a watch, u may also wear the Sgnl strap as a stylish band bearing all functionality.

How to attach it with Watch:

Sgnl App:

Sgnl helps you to keep yourself healthier through the Sgnl App. You can manage your daily routine in more precise way. It recalls you about your pre-planned texts, calls or other notifications.


Hardware Specifications:


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