Lifesaving Buoy from Drowning – Drive with Remote Control

U-Safe is a lifesaving buoy that can drive around in the water by remote control, meaning it can reach a victim quickly, and transport them to safety.

The U-shaped U-safe is a battery powered device you can use in place of any lifesaving “donut.” When it’s thrown in the water, it propels itself using a pair of electric turbines that take in water and fire it out the back.

A remote control thumb-stick gives an operator the ability to drive it as a small watercraft – and it’s quite nippy as it makes its way across the water. It looks like about the quickest way we can imagine to get a piece of lifesaving gear out to a distressed person in the water, particularly in difficult surf.

U‑SAFE was born in Portugal with the ambition to save lives all over the world. With an international patent in 68 countries.

Patent filings describe possible future iterations that might charge themselves through solar power. Or that might automatically self-deploy and self-drive to the location of a crew member who’s gone overboard with a special GPS locating device on their person.

lifesaving buoy

The floating device is being operated by a remote control, which requires just a person’s thumb to manoeuvre.

Hailed a game changer in carrying out water rescues, the buoy has the capacity to help save struggling swimmers.

Once a victim has been reached, the U-safe has enough power to help drag them back toward safety. Which could make it very handy on large ships that might have to launch a rescue boat otherwise.

U‑SAFE is a lightweight float, easy to launch into water in any situation and from any platform. It is even easier to maneuver by remote control until you get to those in trouble.

Watch Demo Video:

The incredible invention on a video which has quickly gone viral. Titled ‘Remote control buoy’, the clip has been posted to sharing site Imgur. Once it has landed, the buoy zooms off all on its own.

U‑SAFE saves lives without endangering the lives of those who save.

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