LG TONEFREE ear buds

Features and Review

For the times in which we work, this is a commodity. LG’s brand new range of true wireless earbuds from TONEFREE includes a revolutionary UVnano loading cage. The cradle emits ultraviolet light to sanitiz the earbuds and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria every time you charge. The case LED indicator allows both load level and UVnano status to be monitored. Two versions are available: HBS-FN7, HBS-FN6 and Meridian Audio, the renowned UK audio technology company. Both feature technologies. LG TONEFREE FN7 is more advanced with active noise cancellation.


If we cannot claim this without access to a laboratory, but the concept of not having to clean our earbuds frequently is undoubtedly an enticing prospect – because, as any music lover knows, ear infections that make it difficult to wear earbudds or headphones aren’t very pleasant.

Unfortunately, along with the strong Bluetooth 5 compatibility, this is one of the few remarkable features LG Tone Free has to offer.

The nature of the wireless pads is very unpredictable, with the AirPods Pro being an aesthetic guide – but they do not give Apple’s earpad noise-removing smarts. They are lightweight and easy to wear and are ideal for use when working with silicone bones plus IPX4 water resistance value.


However, the LG Tone Free buds do not have very good audio quality at all, they sound harsh and distortive, while the bass is both subdued and slow at the same time.

They save here only because they handle medium frequencies very well, particularly with simpler musical arrangements (think pianos, chorales and guitars). However, if you give them a lot more complicated than a solo guitar and sound stage voice, it becomes a confusion.

We’d expect more than that for the price you’re paying – even if they can kill the bugs that hope to infect your ears.

Buy them if…

You think about your buddy bacteria
The LG Tone Free charging case destroys up to 99.9% of the bacteria in a clever Uv lighting technology on your earbuds’ speaker mesh.

You want to link seamlessly
Thanks to its Bluetooth 5 compatibility the LG Tone Free is a fantasy to combine with your smartphone or tablet.

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