LG Signature OLED TV R9

The 360 OLED TV R9: A Revolutionary TV


At one time, seeing a TV seem out of skinny air would’ve been something straight out of a magic act. But LG’s new rollable TV, the Signature Series OLED TV R9 isn’t magic, OLED TV R9 engineering and display technology risen to the nth degree.

And at the same time as it clearly has a magical, sci-fi exceptional about it – how many TVs have you ever seen a crumble in on themselves without being destroyed? – it’ll soon be more reality than fiction.


While the set turned into first proven off lower back in January, we got another desirable look at this year’s IFA 2019 expo, wherein we learned that the late-2019 release date might have been too top to be authentic after all. While it is able to launch in Korea by way of the quit of the year, it’s not likely this futuristic roll-up carpet of the tv is coming to Western markets for some time longer.

But, as ever, we determined ourselves mesmerized by the South Korean electronics maker’s trendy innovation. Here’s the entirety we concept in our hands-on overview of the rollable OLED TV R9.

OLED TV R9 Price and availability


According to LG, the Signature Series R9 will be available within the second-1/2 of 2019 and completed in a 65-inch version, though it is searching more like a 2020 window for Western markets.

LG also could not provide a charge for the 65R9… Which actually isn’t that unusual at era expos like these. Rarely do producers announce a fee and launch date the day they announce a brand new product. Given the reality that it’s a 65-inch OLED that uses a mechanical system in no way used before by means of every other manufacturer, however, chances are it’s not going to be cheap.

OLED TV R9 Design


What LG has accomplished with the R-Series is harness OLED’s natural flexibility and built a base that acts each as a storage facility, unfurling mechanism, and, also, a sound gadget all in one.

The base is slightly longer than 60 inches across but 1/2 that size vertically. That’s enough storage area for the screen, apparently, as well as the 4.2 Atmos sound gadget.

The housing unit, which has all the inputs and outputs built into the back, sits on the pinnacle of a plain white stand that comes with each 65R9 OLED. The base and the stand are all you’ll see while the TV is became off… Which is first-class as long as you like the white stand and base. If not, you’re out of luck: the stand simplest comes in one color and there are no swapping bases.

While the unmarried coloration option is a disappointment, the stand itself is a minimalist’s dream: it’s low to the ground, open at the bottom to permit for storage and pretty innocuous.

The magic of the unfurling (the time period we’ve given to the TV unrolling itself from the stand) remains a chunk of a mystery, a short instructional video LG put together indicates the TV being rolled up on a spindle within the base.

OLED TV R9 scenery

The TV unfurls itself silently and engineers have told LG executives that the TV can be furled and unfurled around 50,000 times – which means in case you turned it off and on two times a day, you wouldn’t hit the upper restrict for approximately 34 years.

In practice, while you turn the TV on, a small portion of the pinnacle surface slides again and the TV unrolls itself into an upright position. The TV can either extend to its full 65-inch form – what LG is looking Full View – or display just a small a part of the display in Line View. The former is used while you’re watching TV at the same time as the latter might be used while you need to play a tune or use Mood Mode which shows small visual outcomes to suit a nature-themed audio soundtrack-like Rain, Stars or Snow.

According to LG, the 65-inch screen is maintaining it in the vicinity with brackets on the base that stops it from wobbling when upright. That doesn’t imply that the TV should survive a right away strike from a flying item like, say, a CRT may want to after they were famous a decade ago, but it clearly shouldn’t wilt over time, either.

Around the again, you’ll locate HDMI 2.1 ports with a purpose to assist 4K120 playback once it’s available through a replacement later this year. HDMI 2.1 also includes help for HFR content when that arrives sometime down the road.

OLED TV R9 Performance

expo center

When the TV is completely exposed, you’re handled to a 4K HDR OLED TV set. It’s simply as lovely as LG’s monitors from the ultimate year, although there hasn’t been a large exchange in technology – the panel itself hasn’t gone through a big revision, unfortunately.

Still, what we noticed was especially impressive. OLED picture exceptional remains at the top of the table compared to traditional LED-LCD. Sure, the latter can get brighter – and that clearly makes LED-LCD look higher in a brighter room – however with regards to cinema-pleasant black tiers OLED remains absolutely the best.

Inside the 65R9 is the next-era of Alpha a9 processors that allow for deep gaining knowledge of picture excellent and an ambient mild detection feature that can truly modify the PQ curve of a TV depending on the ambient brightness within the room – i.E. When it is daytime the TV will understand the additional mild and lift its max brightness to compensate, and reverse that process at night.

lightining back

In terms of sound quality, LG has implemented a new AI Sound mode that genuinely upgrades the forward-firing speaker’s audio performance by using virtualizing it for a bigger space. The speakers, notwithstanding no having an up-firing component, sounded very comparable to a number of the lower-quit Atmos systems I’ve heard – and that was without the TV playing any Atmos-compatible content.

The last function is all a part of LG’s new WebOS 4.5 clever platform, which makes its debut on all of the 2019 LG UHD TVs. The large change this yr is that the Amazon button at the far off doubles as a manner to get admission to Alexa – a brief press brings up Amazon Prime Video even as an extended press brings up Amazon’s digital assistant. That would not mean Google Assistant or LG’s own ThinQ smart platform is out of a job, however, those smart platforms nonetheless exist and can be accessed with the aid of pressing the press-to-communicate button (microphone button) on the LG Smart Remote.

Lastly, not to be outdone though Samsung’s declaration that its 2019 TVs will aid iTunes on its Tizen smart TV platform, LG says that it’s going to aid AirPlay 2… Just preventing short of making an iTunes app on the LG TV Store.

Early verdict

While OLED still isn’t hitting the brightest highlights that LEDLCD and MicroLED are hitting, it’s still one of the satisfactory display technologies on the market. Combine OLED’s remarkable photograph overall performance with the novel, nearly magical potential for OLED to roll up into a base stand when you’re no longer looking it and, well, that is easily one of the coolest, most noteworthy TVs we have ever visible at either CES or IFA 2019.

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