Köllen The interactive book shelf collection

Kollen book shelf Collection is a parallel collection for Kollen This Product made up of six complementary products that present the trading mark animals already used by the project. Moreover, this accessories are mainly wooden-made and include repetition of geometric figures in a nod to the principal product. Its structure is created from a modular system formed by the repetition of adaptable pieces which have an independent working in matter of position, thus offering a multi functional and decorative bookshelf which form changes depending on the objects placed Style.

book shelf Exclusive and customizable product.

Exclusive and customizable product.

Köllen Book shelf Introduction.

Kollen Collection offers a set of decorative products inspired in the nordic style and in the same vein as the book shelf itself.Customize your bookshelf! With Köllen Customizable you can choose its’ finishing colour so that you can adapt it to the interior you want to put it in. We give you some inspiration examples combined with birch wood:

Description book shelf .

The design developed aims to differentiate itself from conventional furniture, becoming a different, exclusive and Customizable product.The proposed innovation consists of introducing the concepts dynamism and adaptability in the field of furniture design, usually consisting of products with a fixed and rigid structure.

Description about book shelf materials.

  1. The materials are natural and of clear shades.
  2. The main material of the book shelf structure is natural birch plywood originating from Finland of 20 mm in thickness,
  3. lacquer in white and with a finishing touch of matt varnish paint.
  4. The subjection of the various elements between them is accomplished by using ironwork of stainless steel.
  5. On the other hand, the horizontal disposition is meant for the traditional usage of a bookshelf
  6. Product weight 13 Kg.
  7. Price $439.
book shelf 1

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Price $439.

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