KEEP Stash Box For Your Most Precious Cannabis

KEEP Stash Box

KEEP stash box is the first domestic storage device expertly designed to store your stash in a smart, discreet, and stable manner – with your peace of mind, in the KEEP stash box.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign. We’re continuing to offer KEEP on a pre-order foundation at an Early Bird rate of $249 CAD (ordinary charge $349 CAD).

20% of the purchase fee being donated to www.CovidHealth.Ca for the month of April.

KEEP Stash Box

KEEP it secure

Biometric locking & unlocking

Make sure you, and only you, can access your stash. With state-of-the-art facial recognition tech, and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, KEEP lets you lock and unlock your stash with a look or touch of your phone—from anywhere in the world. KEEP also sends push alerts to your phone, in case anyone attempts to access or move the device. So you can keep your stash safe, and your stress levels down.

KEEP it discreet

Award-winning design credentials

KEEP features a graceful monochromatic design, combining clean lines with current aesthetics, and a backlit LED display displaying the time and weather. But beyond without a doubt looking beautiful, KEEP helps you to store your stash in plain sight, whilst accenting any space

KEEP Stash Box

KEEP it smart

Smart inventory management

With a built-in scale, KEEP lets you know how much product you have at all times, no matter where you are.

KEEP it organized

Separate containers, a space for accessories, and even a removable rolling tray. Boom!

Store your stash in sortable sealed containers, giving you a range of sizes for different stashes. Plus, with a built-in rolling tray and a designated space for accessories, KEEP will help you stay organized and reduce clutter in one beautifully designed package.

KEEP it simple

Monochromatic design

KEEP is designed to blend into any home and comes in two minimalist colorways: chalk white and slate black

KEEP’s features

KEEP was designed and engineered from the ground up with a focus on security, discreetness, and functionality. The end result is a smart storage device that offers a modern aesthetic and discreet design that will keep you organized and your products secure.

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