Kancy: World’s Smallest Wi-Fi Smart Home Switch

Meet KancySmart Home Switch

Due to usefulness of technology ‘smart living’ has been a necessity of our lives. Kancy is a Wi-Fi based smart home switch which converts all of your home electric appliances into smart devices. Just think about controlling all of your electric/electronic devices with just a swipe of your finger on your mobile, and Kancy does this effectively.


Working and Compatibility:

Kancy is a remote, smart and easy to install electric switch which provides you control over all of your home appliances. You may control and monitor the devices remotely whether they are at your home, office or any other place. Using your smartphone, Wi-Fi cloud, and Kancy you can easily integrate all of your home appliances making them smart.

Smart Home Switch

Kancy is compatible with Android as well as iOS and is controlled via an app and provides you actual-time functionality for all of your home appliances. Shortly, Kancy is compatible with all such devices which plug into an outlet. Kancy can control TV, fan, A/C, water heater, stereo set, table lamp and even all electrical devices.


How to Use Smart Home Switch?

Create Place:

Download Kancy app on smartphone and start organizing your space by getting registered as new user.

Smart Home SwitchAdd Appliances:

Hook up your Kancy switches with appliances and start controlling them from any of our mobile devices- ass easy as that!Smart Home Switch

Invite Mates and User Privilege:

Whether family members, flat mates, friends or guests, you can invite them to share the option of controlling all or only specific appliances.Smart Home Switch

Automation and Rules:

Instantly start controlling your Kancy switches by scheduled or pre-decided if-then tasks. Smart Home Switch

Control Logs:

Let logs show you the appliances accessed by user and time. This function keeps you updated with what is happening and when.Smart Home Switch


Receive notifications showing you whether the appliance is ON/OFF and whether it is active or online, helping you manage and take care of your family’s safety by taking remote decisions.Smart Home Switch

How it works?

How to Install?

Where to Buy?

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