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iHealth labs is a health technology manufacturer company situated in Mountain View, California, America. It is actually a subordinate of a Chinese company which is based in Tianjin, China.

This company is famous for it’s wireless devices which measure different body health signs such as blood pressure , sugar levels and heart rate. The distinguishing property of these devices is that these are all Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled. These are also compatible with Apple and  Android devices.

iHealth Products:hero-blood-pressure-monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors:

iHealth labs have yet introduced three blood pressure monitors in the market which are labeled as BP7, BP5, BP3L.

  1. Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor:

This device of the iHealth lab, named wireless blood pressure wrist monitor and labeled as dhhhBP7, is a TGA approved, CE certified and FDA approved wireless device which measures the BP of the body via wrist. To achieve more precise results the user must have their wrist level within their atrium.




  1. Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor:

This device is labeled as BP5 and named as mentioned above is very similar to the previously described device, the BP7, with the difference of test location. The best location is the area between biceps and triceps of the arm.81onodxco-l-_sl

  1. Ease Blood Pressure Monitor: 

BP3L, the iHealth’s Ease Blood Pressure Monitor, is a device that acts as a port for the devices. It can act as a stand as well as a charger. The Ease Blood Pressure Monitor is connected to it by the wire which can transmit information. It has the rechargeable battery.

Wireless Scales:

Currently three wireless scales are available in the market, HS4, HS5s and HS6.

Wireless Body Analysis Scale:

HS4 is a smart scale which is able to measure the muscle mass, body fat, bone mass and water content. It can also guess the human body caloric intake by measuring the man’s eating styles and changes.


iHealth Lite (HS5s):

It is also a similar device to the HS4 and able to support 400 lbs. it can also measure BMI and also have a feature of dynamic lighting adjustment.

Core Body Analysis Scale:

HS6 is a smart scale that can gauge body fat, water, bone mass and much more. For more precise results the device uses electrical impulses to pass through the body and transmit the information back.

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Pulse Oximeter:

There is only one pulse oximeter in the market , the PO3. It is a small oximeter which is Bluetooth enabled and can check heart rate and SpO2 levels. It shows the result on the LCD. User can see the readings on the device as well as on the synced mobile phone.
iHealth labs present two glucometers in the market. BG5 and BG1

Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System:

This smart portable device is enable to check the glucose level of a person. iHealth Labs provides the kit wich includes BG5 device ,a lancing device and glucose strips. The glucose strips are embedded with QR code. The user can check the expiry date through the connected device by just scanning the QR code.


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