Icaros Fitness Device and Gaming Controller in one

Icaros: Fitness combined with virtual reality

The desire to fly is something humans have experienced from time immemorial. The same is true of the enjoyment of athletic competition. Icaros combines both of these desires in one piece of equipment. The VR contraption could revolutionize the fitness world – even though the price of Icaros is not the lowest.

The idea that made Icaros the undisputed ISPO BRANDNEW Overall Winner in 2016: While laying in a futuristic frame, the athlete glides through virtual worlds using virtual reality goggles and playfully exercises their entire body – just as if they were superman or some other flying superhero.

One example of what Icaros can do is take you flying through an animated canyon landscape with breathtaking speed. The interplay between the carriage holding the athlete and virtual reality produces an exceptionally realistic sensation of flying. The transmission of movement using the controller attached to the handlebar works with no delay whatsoever.

Icaros brings

Award-winning design and fitness concept

Munich-based startup Icaros GmbH has a new way to motivate people to exercise more. Its somewhat intimidating fitness system blends the physical world with the virtual world, making you the protagonist of your own video game while working key muscles up and down your body. The company hopes the system will motivate folks that have come to avoid the gym like it’s radioactive. Gimmick or a viable modern spin on exercise?

The idea of blending exercise with video games isn’t a new one. Nintendo got plenty of hype years ago with the Wii and offerings like Wii Fit, and there’ve been multiple other examples of virtual-physical exercise equipment, such as the Pro-Form Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle.




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