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Home Biogas System

Biogas has been a very common source of energy. However, converting the waste into gas has never been an easy task. But in the new age of technology, HomeBiogas System provides you a convenient, efficient, durable and easily to assemble biogas system. It is a system which turns the household waste into biogas.

Home Biogas 1

Home Biogas 1

What is Biogas?

Biogas is a mixture of different gases produced from waste materials including household as well as industrial waste. Most of all it includes methane gas (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Moreover small concentrations of different gases like carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Methane along with Hydrogen and Carbon monoxide are burnt in presence of oxygen which results in the formation of CO2, vapors and a lot of heat energy. Hence you can use this heat energy  as fuel either by direct combustion for cooking or converting it into electricity.

Biogas is renewable energy source. It is also compressible just as the CNG and you can use it as fuel in automobile vehicles. No doubt CO2 evolves during combustion of biogas but it important to note that no net CO2  produces. Probably the amount of CO2 evolved during combustion is same as absorbed by the bio-source during its growth.

Production of Biogas?


Biogas is produced by the decay of the organic matter by the microorganisms in an anaerobic process. Anaerobic process is such a process in which microorganisms decompose organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Commercially this process done is done inside a container called digester. Raw material used for this purpose includes household waste, agriculture and sewage waste etc.

About “HomeBiogas System”:

HomeBiogas is a unique biogas system which provides you plenty of energy to cook the food at least three times a day. You just put the daily household garbage into the system and as aresult it converts it into gas for you. The residual is almost 10 litters of liquid fertilizer. The company says that in areas where temperature does not fall below 17o, HomeBiogas System seems like to digest about 6 kg of food waste or 15 kg animal waste to produce almost 3 hours of clean cooking gas.


In contrast with other biogas systems HomeBiogas System is bearing following features.

Salient Features of HomeBiogas:


The system is highly efficient because it converts minimum amount of waste material into maximum amount of gas and fertilizer. In accordance with HomeBiogas Company their unit can convert about 1 kg of home waste into approximately 200 liters of clean gas. This is enough to set your burner on for nearly an hour. Along with the burning gas it also provides you at least 6 litters of liquid fertilizer to make your garden green.

Easy assembling and low maintenance:
The HomeBiogas unit can easily be assembled at the backyard of your home. It weighs nearly 40 kg with dimensions: 48” x 65” x 39.4”. In addition to low price it also requires very low maintenance annually.

Eco- Friendly:


HomeBiogas is a renewable energy source without a net bad impact on the environment.

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