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Ecobee Home Security Bundle

Smart Home Automation Devices in 2023

Devices for smart home automation are becoming more and more common in homes all over the world. These gadgets are made to simplify life by automating processes that typically call for human involvement. With the help of smart home gadgets, homeowners can easily control their house’s appliances, security systems, heating, air conditioning, and lighting with …

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Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System

Smart Home Entertainment Devices in 2023

Thank you for visiting our gallery, which explores the fascinating world of smart home entertainment technology. Our houses are increasingly becoming computer-controlled environments as wireless technology, cellphones, and the Internet of Things become more and more integrated into our daily lives. As a result, there are countless options for smart home entertainment systems, which might …

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The Best Floor Heaters Can Help You Stay Cozy This Fall

The Best Floor Heaters Can Help You Stay Cozy This Fall

Floor heaters are exactly what they sound like. These are little heaters that can be placed safely on your home’s floors. They are typically powered by electricity, though some outdoor floor heaters require gas, and they can heat small to medium-sized areas.

Good Housekeeping Editor's Choice Picks of 2022

Good Housekeeping Editor’s Choice Picks of 2022

Every year, editors and analysts from the Good Housekeeping Institute attend CES (Consumer Electronics Show) to gain an exclusive peek at the newest and most innovative goods that will be available in stores and on e-carts in the following year.

4 Best Under-Sink Water Filters of 2022

Installing under-sink water filters is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to ensure that your tap water is safe and delicious. And the improvement could be far more significant than you think: While the United States boasts some of the world’s safest drinking water, it is far from ideal. Lead-tainted tap water is a problem all around the country, not just in Flint, Michigan.


Nebula Mars II Pro

The entertaining Anker Nebula Mars II Pro is fantastic for a mini projection device, with good brightness, resolution and image quality. The right way to use it at home, because it’s not so compact as some of its peers. As the highest model for a smaller projector and a powerful sound system in Anker’s Nebula …

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nobi smart lamp

Nobi smart Lamp

Nobi smart Lamp This AI-powered lamp is smart enough to notice when someone nearby falls and will even ask them if everything is okay. If no answer is given, it can call a family member or a trusted contact.  If necessary, Nobi will even open the front door. What’s more? When the inhabitant sits up …

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Better With Bespoke2 Main5

Aesthetic refrigerator

Aesthetic refrigerator Samsung’s introduction to its award-winning Bespoke refrigerator created a surge of personalised home appliances in the industry. The Company has officially announced at CES this year the launch on the U.S. market of its all new 4-Door Flex Samsung Bespoke refrigerator. U.S. consumers can now personalise their kitchen with a refrigerator with colours …

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