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Chamberlain M.Y.Q- G0 301

What to Look For

Most, if not all garage door openers have small remotes so you can open and close the door from your car. However, you can take things a step further by adding smarts to your garage door opener. Doing so will not only let you monitor and control it from your smartphone, but also link it to other smart home devices, so that your house lights will turn on when you arrive home.

Based on our extensive research, which included evaluating both product reviews across the web and user reviews, the top product in this category is the Chamberlain M.Y.Q-G0  301. It works with a large number of smart home devices and garage doors and is easy to set up.

Before you buy a smart garage door opener, you should make sure it will work with your existing garage door. Usually, you can find out which doors an opener is compatible with on the manufacturer’s site.

Also, some smart garage door openers have Wi-Fi, while others use Bluetooth to connect to your phone. We recommend sticking with Wi-Fi models, as they’ll allow you to remotely monitor your garage door; Bluetooth models will work only when you’re within about 20 feet of the garage.

You also want to find out how many smart home systems each garage door opener is compatible with — the more, the better, because you’ll have more options when building out your smart home.

If you’re buying a completely new garage door opener, there are many models from Chamberlain and Genie with this technology built in.

Product Description

Chamberlain’s M.y.Q device includes a sensor for your garage door as well as a hub that connects to your Wi-Fi network. When you send a command using your smartphone, it is relayed to the hub, which then goes to the sensor that activates your garage door. The M.y.Q app, available for Android and iOS devices, lets you check to see if your door is open, and then close — or open — it remotely.

MyQ will work with most brands of garage door openers made after 1993 that have standard safety sensors, according to Chamberlain.

Currently, MyQ works with Wink, Nest, Smart Things and X finity Home smart home systems. Apple HomeKit compatibility requires the purchase of a $49 adapter. This will let you control your garage doors using Siri, and create scenes so that the lights come on when the door goes up.

Chamberlain also works with Google Assistant and IFTTT, so now you can use Google Home to control your garage door, too. However, in order to use MyQ with Google Assistant or IFTTT, you have to sign up for a $1/month or $10/year plan with MyQ. That’s a bummer.


  • Easily add smartphone control to your existing garage door opener so you can open and close your garage door from anywhere
  • Set up customized notification and alerts so you know when you garage door opens or closes in real time – great for busy families who come and go from the house through the garage
  • Core features such as opening, closing, and receiving garage door status notifications are INCLUDED with MyQ app.
  • Compatible with most brands of garage door Openers made after 1993 that have standard safety sensors.
  • Control an indoor light switch from your smartphone with myq smart garage hub or a Wi-Fi garage door opener (sold separately)
  • Never come home to a Dark house or create the illusion you are home when with smartphone control and schedules in the myq app.Read more..

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