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Zoë Makeup Brush Cleaner

Never hand wash your makeup brushes again with the Zoë Makeup Brush Cleaner. Zoë is a compact and quick makeup brush cleaner that cleans and dries yours brushes in only five minutes. It cleans up to 20 makeup brushes at a time and dries them for immediate use. Additionally, it fits practically any brush size including kabuki brushes. Zoë is also gentle on small brushes. Plus, it provides an overall deeper clean than washing your makeup brushes by hand. In around five minutes, Zoë completes one wash and three rinse cycles, rotating your brushes in a sweeping motion. Likewise, it gradually increases the distance of rotation up to 90 degrees with each movement. Furthermore, Zoë drains dirty water and residue before a new cycle begins. To help keep Zoë clean, just rinse the cleaning disk after each use. The makeup brush cleaner is available in black, white, rose gold and hologram.

Product Description

Never hand wash your makeup brushes again! Zoë cleans your makeup brush set in approx 5 mins.Clean brushes are the key to a healthy skin for makeup users. Zoë is the first device ever that makes it easy to wash and dry your makeup brushes. The fast and compact Zoë can clean your entire brush set in about 5 mins!

ZOË is the easy and safe way to wash and dry your makeup brushes. ZOË can wash all your brushes in 5 minutes, and dry them too. Leaving you time for things that are much more important. ZOË washes your brushes gently and avoids damage.

ZOË completes 1 wash and 3 rinse cycles in approx. 5 mins hands-free! Your brushes rotate in a sweeping motion gradually increasing the distance of rotation with each movement up to 90 degrees (45 degrees each direction). Bacteria, old makeup, oil and dirty water are drained before each cycle begins as clean water flows up to the surface. Our new deep cleaning disk contains a unique pattern that gently scrubs your makeup brushes clean according to brush type.

Once the cleaning process is complete ZOË automatically lifts your brushes into the air away from the cleaning disk to start the drying cycle. Your brushes rotate to remove excess water as ZOË’s built-in fan circulates cool air gently and evenly through your brush hairs; drying your makeup brushes for immediate use.Read more..

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