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Wheeme Back Massaging Robot

The WheeMe Back Massaging Robot is a small massager, which will help your sore muscles and make you feel instantly better and more relaxed.

Back pain can be a real curse of our times. Because we work so many hours sitting down in front of a computer, it’s no surprise that we constantly feel aching in the back, shoulders, and neck.

The WheeMe tries to bring you relief from all that in a very simple way.

In essence, the WheeMe is a small, autonomous robot massager, which kind of looks like a little car. It moves on its own on four ridge wheels, which is very soothing for your back.

What’s more, you just need to lay down and don’t have to stretch to reach your back like with a traditional massager.

The WheeMe can also vibrate, which transfers to your skin and muscles and helps with easing aches and strains.

It is also equipped with two rotating, delicate “fingers”, which tingle your back to wake up the senses and make you feel overall more relaxed.

Product Features

  • USER FRIENDLY – Simple operation using only one button for On/Off or mode change, the WheeMe is as easy to use for as it gets. Just lay down comfortably and place your WheeMe on top of your back to start your relaxation session.
  • BATTERY OPERATED – The WheeMe is being powered by 3 standard AA batteries, and can operate for hours without a pause. Unlike other masseuses, the WheeMe will not stop until you are fully relaxed.
  • THREE MODES – The WheeMe comes with 3 different modes, so each and everyone could enjoy their favorite treatment – “Vibration”, “Tickling” (Package contains a set of detachable “Tingle Fingers”), and “Caress”.
  • TILT SENSORS – Using our patented ‘Tilt sensor technology’, the WheeMe will stay on your back without falling off or losing grip. That way, you can concentrate purely in your relaxation without being worried about keeping the WheeMe on top of your back.Read more..

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