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This self-cleaning robotic litter box must be the dream of every cat owner. It has smart sensors that detect when a cat has used the box and left it, then initiate a self-cleaning mechanism in 7 minutes.

The robotic litter box uses a carbon filter that helps prevent odors, and has a drawer that can be lined with regular kitchen garbage bags to make it easy to remove the waste.

Maintain a spotless home with the Litter-Robot III Automatic Litter Cleaner. With enough space for cats of all sizes, this system cleans the litter after each and every use. In addition to a better smelling home, your cat will have a clean litter box every time. The Litter-Robot III features a self-adjusting cat sensor to help with the open-air feel of the litter box. Additionally, it has a MoonGlo NiteLite. This blue LED helps you and your cat see the litter box even at night. The Litter-Robot III features a full drawer indicator, so you know when it’s time to empty. It has an 8-hour sleep mode but can also clean on a timer. Perfect for homes of all sizes, the Litter-Robot III is the best way to maintain your cat’s litter.


This automatic cat litter box was rated one of the best because it cleaned more quickly and thoroughly than all other models. After its sensor had detected that a cat had used the box and exited, it takes only seven minutes to begin self-cleaning, while lesser models allowed waste to linger for as long as 20 minutes.

This litter box also removed debris without the clumps and clogs that plagued other units, and its design is free of the standard rake mechanism that can injure cats and is prone to jamming. Instead, it offers animals a private, windowed globe that empties after use by rotating upside down and sifting waste into a bottom drawer.

Works with any clay-based clumping litter.

A carbon filter helps prevent odors, and the drawer can be lined with kitchen garbage bags (not included) for easy waste disposal.

Plugs into AC.

For cats up to 15 lbs.

29″ L x 22″ W x 24″ D. (26 lbs.).Read more..

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