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Kuri Adorable Home Robot

Product Description

Embrace the future of robotics with the adorable home robot, Kuri. Complete with a delightful personality, Kuri brings a unique spark of life to your home. Saying “Hey, Kuri” enables her to respond to a variety voice commands thanks to a four-microphone system. In response, Kuri lights up and makes an adorable “beep boop” noise to confirm your command. In addition, Kuri will play your favorite podcasts, audiobooks, and music – she’ll even dance along. With Kuri Vision, Kuri will capture unexpected moments around your home. Using her 1080p HD camera, Kuri detects faces to record quick, 5-second videos of your day so you never miss a moment again. Plus, Kuri effortlessly moves around your home using mapping sensors and a quiet drivetrain. She even knows when it’s time to recharge herself. Finally, Kuri is compatible with IFTTT to make your home even smarter. Kuri is thoughtfully designed to fit into your family’s lifestyle and become the newest member of your home.

kuri sees

With her 1080p camera, Kuri automatically captures HD pictures and videos. From dance parties to kids playing, you’ll capture special moments you may have otherwise missed.

kuri entertains

Kuri’s powerful speakers allow you to listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, or audio books – wherever you are in your house. Kuri adds a unique, new personality to your home.

kuri moves

Not only can Kuri play your favorite music, she can now dance to it with you! When she hears the beat, Kuri will groove along to the beat of any music.

kuri learns

Kuri is a lifelong learner. She quickly learns your home’s floor plan (including obstacles like stairs) so she can explore on her own. She’ll  automatically take photos and videos, learn the rhythm of your home, and entertain your entire household.Read more..

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