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Kevo Convert Smart Lock Kit


Protect your home with the power of technology with the Kevo Convert Smart Lock Kit. Easily installing to replace your existing deadbolt, this smart lock gives you the ability to monitor your door no matter where you are. Using the app, you can control Kevo Convert and even grant access to your friends and family when you’re out. With an eKey for everyone, you can also use the Kevo Convert and the app to keep track of who has locked and unlocked your door. Designed to be on the inside of your door, Kevo Convert is a breeze to install and use. Additionally, it has a sleek and modern aesthetic to fit in seamlessly with your other home décor.

Kevo Convert on the inside.

Easily replace your current lock’s interior hardware only & install in minutes.

Existing lock on the outside.

Your current lock’s exterior hardware stays the same. No additional installation required.

How does it work?

Kevo Convert offers security and convenience as you’ve never experienced before.

Download the Kevo app to lock or unlock your door, send digital eKeys and track home access from your smart phone. Kevo Convert transforms any deadbolt into a smart lock. With a quick interior installation, keep your existing lock’s exterior to complement your home’s style.

Kevo Convert controls your existing deadbolt by locking and unlocking from the inside of your door.

Lock and unlock from your smartphone.

Use your phone to lock or unlock your Kevo Convert within Bluetooth range. For even more control, upgrade to Kevo Plus for a one-time fee and lock or unlock your door from anywhere.

The best in smart home security.

With Kevo Convert, quickly change any of your home’s deadbolts into smart locks for the ultimate in safety and peace of mind.Read more..

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