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Home Gadget Bripe Copper Coffee Brew Pipe

Bripe Copper Coffee Brew Pipe

Enjoy freshly brewed coffee in a whole new way with the Bripe Copper Coffee Brew Pipe. This award-winning system gives you that extra fresh taste anytime, anywhere. The Bripe produces a single shot of your favorite blend instantly. Simply add in your favorite coffee or tea, add water, and heat. In just minutes, your blend will brew and you’ve got a fresh shot. The Bripe doesn’t just have cool functionality, it also looks the part. Featuring real copper, the Bripe is totally portable so you can take it everywhere. There’s a built-in thermometer so you can always be sure to have the best flavor. There’s also a reusable stainless steel filter with a variety of filter sizes to work with all of your taste needs.

Product description

The Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe is the ultra-light, ultra-portable coffee brewing kit for adventurers. Just add coffee and water to brew a high-quality espresso-sized coffee shot anywhere. The Bripe is a ultra-light, ultra-portable copper and silver pipe that makes great coffee in the great outdoors. No bulky gas canister, kettle or stove required. A Bripe only needs ground coffee and water, and the kit includes a portable butane-powered quad jet torch to fire your brew, and a photo-etched variable stainless steel coffee filter. The complete Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit with carrying case weighs only 337 grams. The complete kit includes: Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe. Quad jet torch. Reusable variable-grind filter. Thermometer. Cooling stand. Carrying case. Coffee tube. Enjoy your first Bripe brew in 3 minutes or less following these 6 easy steps: Step 1: Place filter to cover Bripe stem hole. Step 2: Add ground coffee (or tea). Step 3: Add water and stir in with ground coffee or tea. Step 4: Brew with quad jet torch and stir to max temperature of 185°F / 85°C. Step 5: Cool to 140°F / 60°C and add sugar and milk if desired. Step 6: Blow air into stem to make bubbles, then suck brew through Bripe stem and enjoy! Convenient carrying case to store the Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit. Ultra light, weighs only 337 grams including quad jet torch to heat coffee. Kit dimensions: 6.9 inch x 5.3 inch x 2.2 inch (17.5 x 13.5 x 5.5 centimetres). Weight: 337 grams. Be your own barista anywhere and share the great outdoor Bripe experience with friends and their Bripes, wherever your adventures take you.


  • Bripe Brew Pipe is a new, ultra-portable, coffee brewing system that can make a quick espresso size shot of coffee anywhere. Designed for adventures, Camping, hiking, cycling or any other journey you may take
  • Suction extracts a perfect coffee shot
  • Pure copper cooling stand and patent-pending inner cone for fast brewing
  • Refillable quad jet torch to heat coffee anywhere
  • Convenient carrying case to store the Bripe kit.Read more..

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