Hideez Key – Supper Secure Digital Smart Key

smart keyHideez digital smart key simplifies your world. This compact digital device is enough SMART to grant your access to each and every smart device you use. Hideez is a multi-functional tool that functions as your door entry security card, computer login and much more.


How smart key works?

Hideez smart key is embedded with proximity sensor which is able to detect any change in its surrounding. Your smart device is unlocked whenever you bring Hideez smart key nearer to the device. Additionally it can memorize the online-passwords for different websites like Google, Gmail account, Facebook account and more.

Beside other features, the eye-iris authentication feature is above all. It provides you supper-secure protective system for your devices and unlocks the app only by scanning your eyes.

Product Features:

smart key

Smart Lock:

Your smart device is locked or unlocked on the basis of proximity. The proximity is measured by checking strength of the Bluetooth signal of the Hideez device. So to protect your sensitive information, just walk away from the device.smart key


Touch Guard:

Do you want to know who is poke around your device when you were not there? smart key

OTP Generator:

Hideez smart key app allows you to generate on time password for online banking and two-factor verification. The company has devised a temper resistant and secure way to generate OTP.smart key

Theft Alarm:

Whenever the strength of the Bluetooth signal between your smart device and Hideez device falls down the pre-set level, eventually you get a notification.smart key


EyeVerify is the ultimate security measure to protect your critical information. Eye iris verification technology confirms that only you can login to the system by unlocking your device.smart key

Multi-function Button:

The Hideez smart key device has a multi functional button which allows use of useful features such as activation of voice or video recorder at your device or directing GPS coordinates about your location.smart key

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