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How to hide wires/cables on the floor with this Tapping Gadget

D Line Quadrant Trunking  Floor Cable Cover Wire

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D-Line provide effective cord management solutions for a range of cords and wires.

A recent survey revealed the average family home has almost 560ft of exposed wires, and we complain they’re unsightly and messy, difficult to sort, a safety hazard, create dust traps, and awkward to clean around.  D-Line provides world-class solutions to these problems – that are sold around the globe!

Choose ½ circle Decorative Raceway lengths to hide cord drops, and above baseboards.  Micro and Mini sizes make cord-ducts which can blend above baseboards.  D-Line 1/4 round, is the ultimate floor trim.D-Line Micro Raceway, the smallest profile, is ideal to discreetly hide speaker, telephone and alarm cords and wires. D-Line offer decorative raceway (D-shaped!) that blends with decor, so cords disappear. Our cord raceway is easy to fit, and looks great on any surface.D-Line Mini Raceway is designed to subtly cover cord drops or hide wires above baseboards, where it’s neat size and unique shape enables the Mini D-Line to appear as a natural top section of the baseboard.

Floor Trim

D-Line ¼-round Floor Trim provides the ultimate floor edging system… it’s incredibly quick and easy to install, providing cover for expansion gaps and hides cords too!



The self-adhesive backing enables simply peel-and-stick application to the skirting without the need for nails or glue, making D-Line Floor Trim up to 50% faster to install than traditional versions.


The stylish and easy way to eliminate cord clutter.  Cable Units are ideal to organize powerblocks and cords behind TV’s or under desks… wherever there is cord clutter!

With all wires and cords neatly concealed, wasted space is returned and surfaces become easier to clean. A safety trip and spill hazard is also eliminated.

Cable Units have been developed in two sizes to hide either a 6 way (Large) or a 4 way (Small) powerblock, transformer plugs and associated cord clutter.

Cable Tube and Cable Wrap

Enables wires dropping from a computer desk or behind a TV to be tidy and easy to clean.D-Line Spiral Cable Wrap is made from a flexible material allowing the wrap to expand in diameter to accommodate bundles of cords up to 2″.

D-Line Cable Tube is the perfect solution to ensure that all of your wires are organized and managed properly, ideal to protect and hide cords that drop from your TV or computer.

Being made from ultra-flexible material, the pre-split tubing is great for hiding a cluster of cords and wires – cords can be easily inserted or removed by hand using the split seam. Compared to traditional alternatives there is no need for application tools to insert or remove the cords.
Never again disconnect or switch off the wrong appliance, and if relocating equipment, make it easy to reconnect wires.Read more..

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