Great Northern Popcorn Machine

Great Northern Popcorn Machine

The Great Northern Popcorn 8-unce Classic Style Popcorn Machine can offer you popcorn movie theatrical style for home film nights, office meetings and anniversary parties. This pop-corn tabletop has an 8oz kettle, a hot deck, a door with tempered glass, an old maids tray, stainless steel and antique design areas. This is the perfect pick. With this simple to use popper, approximately 10 quarters of warm and delicious popcorn is available per cycle in the provided plastic bowls and popcorn bags.

Electric popcorn countertop system with an 8-unce kettle generating about 10 quarters of popcorn per cycle


3-button interface simple to use: Kettle Heat, Stirrer and Interior Light

Includes: 3 bowls of plastic, 25 popcorn bags of paper, popcorn scoop and cups.

The heated deck at the base of the unit keeps your maize warm and refreshed.

Unpopped kernels are available in Old Magician’s Drawer

Doors and partitions of tempered glass

Standard 110V powered 850 Watts

Sizes: (L) 17.1 inches x (W) 14.1 inches x (H) 24 inches.

Red and gold Color:


Includes disposable popcorn, spoon measurement, cup measurement and manual of instruction.
2 turns and works at just 330 watts
Approximate steps. x 11″W x 18-3/4″H 9-3/4″
It’s around 10 lbs weight.
Minor installation necessary
10-watt bulb required, included (1)
Source of power: plugs to the wall of the household
Listed ETL
Kettle and Bulb 30 day warranty
90 day warranty on unit, Great Northern Popcorn.

If you are in the market for a top quality home popcorn popper, stop looking! The Pop Pup popcorn maker features a revolutionary removable serving tray that is the first of its kind. Once the corn has finished popping, simply remove the tray and enjoy fresh theater popcorn in the convenience of your home. The slide-out popcorn serving tray makes cleanup simple since it is dishwasher safe.


The price of great nothern popcorn machine is

Price: $59.61 
$257.38 Export and import.


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