Get Apple’s Newest iPad for $299 Today

The 9.0 generation iPad, a 10.2-inch iPad with the recently improved A13 Bionic CPU, is currently available for $299. In fact, we’re so thrilled about this price reduction that we’ll repeat it again: the most recent 2021 Apple tablet is now available at Amazon for $299, saving you $309.

On rare occasions, such as Prime Day 2022, we’ve seen Amazon and Walmart reduce the cost of this well-liked tablet to around $300. Even while this isn’t a Prime Day bargain in the traditional sense, you may still benefit from the savings while they last. This is the cheapest price we’ve ever seen for a brand-new Apple tablet. Normally, this tablet costs between $329 and $429.

We still find it difficult to believe that a brand-new Apple tablet costs this little even though this tablet was released less than a year ago.

Why We’re Excited About This Deal: Apple 10.2-inch iPad (Wi-Fi, 64GB)

At stores like Best Buy, the new iPad for 2021 costs between $329 and $429. This same tablet was priced at more than $430 as recently as this past weekend at Walmart and Amazon. In comparison, this cost is one-third that of the new iPad Pro (which is also on sale today). You would need to purchase a refurbished 8th generation iPad to get a less expensive Apple tablet, and even then, you would only save $5.

Get Apple’s Newest iPad for $299 Today

Here at SPY, we spend a lot of time looking for bargains, and we pay careful attention to iPad offers in particular. Yes, we get compensated for doing that, but we also sincerely like scoring a good deal. We enjoy the dopamine rush that follows clicking the “Add To Cart” button. We routinely update our readers on the best Apple product offers, and we keep an eye on the pricing of things like iMacs and AirPods like some people do on the stock market.

Normally, Walmart offers the 2021 iPad for a lesser price, but on Prime Day, Amazon customers benefit. This tablet was discounted for pre-order at Walmart even before its scheduled release date. Once more, this is the iPad 9’s lowest price ever. New iPad discounts come and go rapidly, so if you’ve got your eye on one or are searching for the ideal present, this is the lowest price you’re likely to find, bar none.

About the iPad 9: Features, Release Date, Specs

Apple unveiled a completely new generation of its most well-liked goods in the fall of 2021. Apple’s “California Streaming” press event held a number of surprises, including the introduction of the iPhone 13, the Apple Watch Series 7, the brand-new iPad, and the iPad mini.

The new iPad 9 has received some improvements since the iPad 9’s previous generation, which was first introduced on September 24, 2021. This more recent version has a 20 percent better CPU and GPU thanks to an updated A13 Bionic chip. Additionally, Apple increased the capacity, so this device now has 64GB of memory instead of just 32GB.

Get Apple’s Newest iPad for $299 Today

Other notable features:

  • The recycled metal used to create the iPad 9
  • The gadget now has a 12MP ultrawide front camera.
  • A new Truetone feature modifies the screen’s color to fit the environment and mood of the room it’s in.
  • The tablet charges using USB-C, putting it on par with other Apple products like the iPhone and enabling speedy and easy charging.
  • The iPad includes Apple Pay and Touch ID for added protection.

You can use the iPad 9 and Apple Pencil to take notes on the go, or you can utilize Apple’s Magic Keyboard to use your tablet as a laptop if you need to take notes at school or during a meeting. Due to the additional memory and the A13 Bionic chip, your tablet won’t slow you down, and there is a tonne of fantastic iPad accessories that may help you get the most out of your device.

After going on sale in September 2021, the iPad 9 became one of the most sought-after Christmas presents. If your friends and family didn’t think to give you one as a gift, treat yourself to one of the top tablets available without going over budget.

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