G3D-T 1000 Fast Self-Leveling 3D Printer for Home

G3D is a large and fast SLA 3D printer dubbed as T-1000. The name G3D is taken from the name of the manufacturer company Global 3D System, by Edward Machala. The System of G3D is highly accurate and bakelite as it has a huge build area. The system is basically designed for home use and works either with a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection.

Sophisticated Design:

The Design is cool and prevents your space from cluttering with wires. Furthermore the G3D T-1000 features convention designed UV LED light system. With the help of this design it is capable of printing continuously until unless the project is completed. Above all is the auto leveling system. This self-leveling system keeps the bakelite build plate steady for level and even printing.

G3D Resin for T-1000 3D Printer

The resin used in G3D is of supreme quality on market and is prepared to support in printing everything. The company is seeking for new material to make T-1000 more innovative. In addition, the high quality G3D Resins can be mixed-up to have more interesting colors.

Fields of Applications:

The t-1000 is highly reliable and perfect for everything from children toys to ornaments. With a 2.6 inches/hour building rate G3D can produce any daily life product, such as a smartphone case, within 10 minutes.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: 11.66” x 17.86” x 26.71”

Volume Build: 11.81” x 5.29” x 7.06”

Thickness of layer: Min= 0.0075 mils, Max=4.72 mils

Average printing speed: 25 – 30 min /inch

Distinguishing Features:

The G3D T-1000 is TUV certified product which is tested to fulfill all safety standards. The user will get the following useful features:

  • Reinventing the 3D printing
  • T-1000 works with all brands of Resins
  • One year warranty
  • Innovative self-leveling
  • Versatile printing method
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Designed for home use
  • Compatible for medical and dental applications
  • Capable of small commercial applications
  • Useful for jeweler applications

Demo Video:

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