Furniture That Perfectly Hide Your Little Secrets

Believe it or not, this table belongs to our world – Craig Thibodeau created it, and it reveals a series of hidden elements when examined closely. But it’s not enough to locate the secret drawers – a lot of them open only with a push of a concealed button or a magnetic key. Thibodeau crafted this Sherlock Holmes of the table world inspired by the work of Abraham and David Roentgen. Who specialized in highly complex mechanical furniture in the 18th century. Their client list included Marie Antoinette, King Frederick William II, and other secretive monarchs.


The majority of the marquetry veneer patterns in my work are cut in the traditional 18th century French Boulle method. Also known as the packet cutting method.  The veneer work is then glued to the furniture carcass Using a combination of traditional hide glue and modern glues, including epoxy, urea formaldehyde and polyvinyl acetate.

Art Deco

Another side of my work explores the highly formal furniture of the 1920’s Art Deco era. Primarily work by the designer Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann. The creation of custom furniture true to the Art Deco style requires tremendous focus and discipline and is a welcome change from the more relaxed floral decorations of my marquetry furniture. To build my Art Deco furniture I bring together luxurious materials, outstanding finishes and precise, highly refined veneer work.


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Creating custom furniture can be a time consuming and labor intensive undertaking. Some projects are quite simple and take little time while others may take months of labor and numerous design revisions to complete. As a rough guide to pricing a simple custom designed marquetry side table could be between $4000-$7000 depending upon the complexity of the design and marquetry imagery. A custom dining table could be between $9000-$18000 again depending greatly upon the design.

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