FoldiMate: A machine that folds your laundry


Foldimate turned into certainly one of two laundry-folding machines showing at CES that promised to make folding clothes an element of the past. It turned into up against Laundroid, a $16,000 AI-powered machine that turned into supposed to investigate each garb item and figure out the exceptional way to fold it the use of AI.

Neither device worked at the time— Foldimate’s model became a non-working prototype, and I by chance broke the Laundroid whilst I pressured the device’s AI with a black T-shirt. This year, Foldimate is the sole laundry-folding device at CES, returning for the 1/3 time with a totally working prototype.

FoldiMate Speaking Technically…

FoldiMate Speed: Under 5 minutes
Imagine folding a full laundry load (around 25 items) in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee!

FoldiMate Capacity: Unlimited
It folds as long as you continue clipping.

FoldiMate Power: Standard 110v – 240v
Electric consumption is estimated to be low.


Easy Clipping™
Ergonomically designed clipping technology allows smooth and fast clipping of each item.

Simultaneous Folding™
Fast folding technology allows you to feed your items continuously while it simultaneously folds them.

Robotic Folding
So smart, It adjusts the folding according to the item being folded.


Compressed Laundry Pile
So neat, your closet will be organized, just the way you’ve always wanted.

Family Friendly
So simple, now everyone in the family can help fold the laundry.

No More Messy Laundry Piles
So neat, your closet will be organized, just the way you’ve always wanted.

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