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Floor Leveling Gadget in Construction

Tile Leveling System-Level Construction Tools For Floor/Wall Wedges Or Straps

Features : 

Improve tile installation speed and reduce installer fatigue/stress.
Virtually lippage free, flat surface drastically.
Reduce the need for grinding and polishing.
Prevent tiles from moving while curing.
Re-usable wedges. save your money 🙂

Specification : 

Material : Plastic
Pattern : Wedges / Straps
Size and usage :


Construction Floor Leveling gadget


Bosch GSL 2 Surface Laser for Floor Leveling and Preparation

The Bosch GSL 2 Surface Laser is the first surface laser on the market, giving the user an easy, fast and accurate way to check if a floor surface is level and/or flat. It allows for quick scanning of the entire floor using a remote control. This is great for users who are seeking a more efficient tool for daily use and a tool for more than just a spot check. This laser is ideal for flooring estimators, screed workers, tilers, and many other professionals.

  • Can scan the entire floor within minutes instead of spot checks
  • Convenient remote control enables user to be close to the spot instead of the tool
  • High accuracy for detecting uneven spots
  • Line visibility of 30-feet, line visibility with target plate is 60-feet and remote range 65-feet
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries or Bosch 12V max batteries
  • Class IIIa laser product,  <5mW power output

 Construction Bosch GSL 2 Surface


Tiling Installation Tile Locator Leveling System Wall Floor Pliers Wedges Tool

Construction Tiling-Installation


1. Model: D03F
2. Specifically angled pliers for use on floors
3. Sturdy with adjustable tension
4. Improves speed of tile laying
5. The most economical tile leveling system available
6. Ergonomically designed to help to speed up tile installation

1. Material: Metal, PP
2. Size: 24.5 x 12.5cm; Mouth: 2.5cm
3. Color: Black





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